Japan eyes cutting U.S. farm tariffs immediately to TPP levels


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More Japanese appeasement. Abe, just do it. Yes, Sir.

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Love this! Great news!

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What's the point of having the TPP if those who refuse to take part can get the same concessions as those who do?

If Trump wants the benefits of the TPP, then he should join in instead of sulking in a corner and using threats in place of negotiation.

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Don't trust the orange buffoon....

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Eyes? JijiXx that's a definite maybe, perhaps, not sure, could be, have to have a meeting so not now, but could happen if we can get group agreement, that will take some meetings. There is an election on the horizon so ...not good timing. Our voter base is 75 yo farmers who we fully support as they do us. Might not happen but perhaps they will be happy to actually be competitive but have to wait for the multiple meetings results. Doubtful, not going to happen but thanks for the suggestion. And the extra money these meetings will generat for the ruling party. Ends positive for us no change and more money.

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plans to propose

is that anything like a definite maybe?

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