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Japan eyes economic aid to N Korea in policy overhaul


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In other words, Abe and crew don't have a clue what to do.

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Treat them nice. I am sure they are the people we can reason with.  They will not be repeating verbal  attacks gainst Japan every year and demanding  apologies.

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What are they writing down?

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Maximum pressure?

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Let's keep in mind that Japan is diplomacy bad student. You just need to follow Abe in Japan to understand the relationship of Japan in Asia. Respect is not universal in Japan.


The Hostage Case

I understand. Japan want news about people who might have been kidnapped in the middle of few true ones. But, this is the world last priority. To be fair, Abe probably already know what happened to them. I heard about slave trade issues and commands from some "japaneese" business "true friends" (suddenly, they were able to know japan better, and more importantly how to break frontier security ). So the last missing one are the hardest diplomacy issues to solve and talk about.

And, I trust North Corea when she say that some of the names are not on their crime list. Furthermore, I am cautious about the one they say are theirs (at the time, the poorest country couldn't say "no" to an economic help against some added name on a list to be forgotten). Yes, International World is dirty but not stupid.


The North and South case : "to be one again" and "to be independant from China".

Taking the North Corean hostages thru economy help to force "a might be" lie won't be allowed and will get Japan nothing.

The pressure from Japan will be badly taken by the UN security council. It might breaks the progress in Corea, and since we are talking about an open sky prison to millions of people, it might kill million of them with famine and illnesses.

Only China will benefit of the pressures moves and the end of the North Corea latest hope for freedom.


To conclude...

The issue in North Corea is sensitive to hell. We are talking about a nuclear military paranoïd country . They are afraid to be betrayed. There are under tremendous pressures coming from all sides.

Our priority should be about creating an environment were people get food, medecine, a free neutral space between north and south for family reunion and food exchanges. That is a human priority and will help to insure long term peace ( and in due time, true answers).

The good diplomacy call is the heart call.

Don't be naïve, the nuclear is discussed at the same time, but building trust between a prison country and the outside world (who have their loads of mistakes) is very hard. We don't want them to close up on themselves again. Japan need to be level headed about this and not just think about himself.



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Japan eyes paying North Korea to not do certain stuff.


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Economic aid to North Korea is out of the question until all the abductees are returned or accounted for.

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Be so funny if Kim's note taking generals actually just draw little cartoons of him with captions like, 'whacko' and 'nutter'!

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I can't see any easing of sanctions until NK gets serious about denuclearization. The abductee issue can wait a bit but it's by no means settled until all are accounted for.

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We should think the abduction issue is done with. It is a dumb thing if Japan sticks to the issue and get behind in having a good relationships with North Korea.

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Protect Japanese People and Government !

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Ah, there it is, and the circle is round again.

After that tantrums will start again and we will be back at square one.

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Nothing absolutely nothing overrides the denuclearization negotiation with N. Korea. Sanctions must remain in place if the world is to see N.Korea’s nuclear disarment occur. Once we have verifiable proof, then everything is possible for future negotiations and Peace with them. The world waits with anticipation for this to occur!

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People around Kim Jong Un are always writing stuff in little notebooks as in the picture.

Do they all write the same thing? (No, just similar, same topic though)

Of course nobody checks it for mistakes, do they? (Idiot if you believe that)

And if you write something wrong, what size artillery piece do they make you stand in front of? (Whatever size is available)

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Japan can't afford to not talking to neighbours, and should behave morally correct.

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Really encouraging news from both sides! I look forward to normalised relations, and big economic cooperation. The New North Korea is a lot more open and willing to work with partners than the old regimes. Trump showed that with his successful Summit with Kim-san. Japanese companies will soar when ties are complete, audio makers, engineering, manufacturing etc.

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I meant “auto makers”.

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Ganbare Japan!, while I agree with you a full cooperation with NK, I will say that there are a few steps toward to the goal. First, Japan has to pay for the denuclearization, secondly, Japan has to pay for the war damage, thirdly, Japan has to pay for the trip to invite NK leaders to visit Japan. After all of these, I am positively sure that the relationship with NK is restored.

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Finally, someone is making sense.

Since what's been going on has not been working, might as well try the other approach of offering aid, and then going from there.

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So much for taking a TOUGHER STANCE against the NK threat Abby was boasting until recently when his BFF DONNY met with kim

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good idea and cease with the abductions issue it's a dead horse Japan looks ridiculous considering its own record of abductions and horrific human rights violations.

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We Japanese do not need to fund these terrorists! how can there be discussion of funding such a regime that threatens us with nukes constantly???

Please elect Koizumi as the next Prime Minister, Abe-san is a マザコン (mama-boy) he is also increasing the tax to 10%, already increased to 8% under his leadership. Enough is enough.

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YOUR Tax money is paying for it, (folks living here)

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They will then ask for compensation next, same as what other countries are doing to us.

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If I was Japanese I would expect Japan to economically assist the Japanese first. They owe nothing to Korea and it's not any of the UN's business either. The UN is constantly allowing crazy stuff to go down in Korea and elsewhere and the Japanese do not benefit from helping an economic competitor. It's silly. If my countries people were abducted and killed and not returned then I am not going to deal with them at all. Let them figure out their own mess.

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"Since what's been going on has not been working, might as well try the other approach of offering aid, and then going from there."

That's been tried. Doesn't work.

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Is this photo supposed to be Kim the engineer next to a construction site? I guess his generals need to constantly be taking little notes from him in their handy dandy notebooks.

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good idea take every little step toward progress as my friend extanker says don't hold a grudge get on with life

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If I was going to sent aid to NK, judging by the background picture, the first thing I would send is some steel scaffolding, new wooden planks, side rails, and safety netting.

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I like the guys with the pads and pencils

Taking notes for his lunch order. ..

Looks like he dont mind a feed !!

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I knew this would happen; I predicted this months ago. Where there’s money to be made politics takes a back seat.

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Shinzo Abe should have talked to Kim Jung Un long ago ahead of Trump.

He could have stolen the thunder from Donald and elevated himself to become the Statesman of the century instead of continuing to be seen by many especially by Ryukyuans as a perennial tail wagging American puppet .

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Abe is such a poor statesman

Hiwever, he needs a ‘threat’ to spend taxpayer money on the latest Aegis missle system or to add to the SDF numbers?

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