Gov't eyes labor market reform; focuses on AI, chips to drive growth


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Still, it calls for appropriate legislation and guidelines to make AI "trustworthy," acknowledging risks to privacy and security, disinformation and copyright infringements.

The real concern is the automation of high level management and bureaucratic work, already demonstrably capable at the highest levels by GPT4 iterations.

Japan has a long history of firewalling it's political bureaucracy, in all it's inefficiencies.

They will not address the effects of automation that are already affecting service, advertising, other industries as that would impact their LDP donor base.

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Sounds more like a very narrow view and an extremely specific gamble, betting only on more generative AI and more integrated circuits. I mean , a healthy AI attempt would include quite some more than only GAN or LLM and more generally, a healthy economy surely consists of much more than only some AI and IC.

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AI? Do Japan have enough sufficient Engineers?


The last time government mention to focus on tourism now AI and chips?


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"The government said Tuesday it will aim to close wage gaps between Japan and other countries and attract more foreign talent while designating generative artificial intelligence and semiconductors as key policy areas for development."

Attract more foreign talent only to jail them later on? No thanks!

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talk about AI in country where fax and hanko are still kings?

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....anything but increase wages.

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"The government said Tuesday it will aim to close wage gaps between Japan and other countries"

Yes sure, we all know how 90% of J-govt "aims" to close a gap with rest of the advanced world end up. And its not in closing that gap.

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Is it going to be another case where they tout the increase wages at the start of the year and not mention the myriad of caveats to that statement like how it’s only for permanent employees and not the contract ones that make up more than 65% of the workforce?

these wage gap fixes to be more attractive to foreign workers of high skill will never reach what they can make in Europe or NA. Government pussyfoots around too much and allows firms here to make a 4mil yen yearly IT worker salary look attractive to someone who would be making the equivalent of 12mil yen in America. Pft.

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Since I am not considered high skilled (not earning 20 millions yen net), I leave to the Japanese bureaucrats or senior unretired Japanese the privilege to do the job I can do.

Japanese politicians forget to tell what taxes you are going to pay, which will necessarily rise above any wage increases.

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This approach shows me Japan doesn’t get AI like it doesn’t get software.

AI is a tool to help build things of value. It doesn’t have any value itself.

You don’t just “get AI” then get money and results.

I like old people but this country just has way too many in charge. They have no idea and there is nothing of substance in this “plan”.

All hail the “invalid csrf”

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Key to success in tech or really any industry but especially tech is private sector talent. Govt. simply needs to create financial incentives and regulations to spur private sector investment and activity.

There's NOBODY in Tech. that considers Govt. involvement in innovation to be helpful or relevant, rather VERY unhelpful and irrelevant.

Japan's Govt. in state of confusion & panic about its proper role. Govt. needs to spur private sector to hire & invest in these emerging tech. markets in order to innovate & compete globally. Private sectors do poorly if they partner directly with Govt., never works as talent, especially tech., HATES legacy Govt. interference.

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If you listen closely to Elon Musk, highly regarded former astronauts, tech moguls, etc., you'll recognize US. Govt. no longer has any space, military, IT, etc. technological innovation capacity, ALL Done by vendors.

Govt. = Large DUMB customer that can print money

if Japan thinks Govt. here any different, think twice, as same paycheck and not ownership types in Govt. here.

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"We will identify and examine taxation, regulation and other issues to attract more highly skilled workers and take necessary steps," the action plan said.

Well inheritance taxes kick in at ridiculously low levels in Japan, and with the weak yen now the thresholds are historically low for foreign workers.

The entire inheritance tax is arcane and a bane on the productivity of the Japanese economy. Enlightened western nations from Sweden to Canada to Australia have been abolishing their inheritance taxes one after the other. Japan can join the trend or be the last domino to fall, little too late.

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PHhewww! (super aging jokes aside)

Close one! Had me holding my breath there. But then I saw– 

oh more of the same:

“whether cans” “careful steps” “when considers” and “also aims”

Totally Unserious.

"Push to insure" says Hold my beer. Time for some "Urging companies"

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