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Japan eyes large-scale cooperation with Cuba


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good. I have always thought the embargo on Cuba by the US was extremely vindictive and caused the people of Cuba to suffer greatly while not doing anyone at all any bit of good.

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Don't knock Japan for being self interested. Japan understands the are mutually interested. Japan never had an embargo like the US. We Be puffin Cubans on the regular, feeling sorry for the Americans puffin the Dominican and Honduran substitute substitutes.****

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Lot of old cars in Cuba. Japanese car exporters' dream come true.

Maybe wanna get in on the casino action if it gets restarted again since the J-gov can't seem to get it together here.

Cuban hostess clubs would be a nice addition to Japan, too.

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I was in Cuba 5 years ago. Its all LADAs and Peugeots and 50yo cars. They had many tourists from Japan.

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oilto is found in cuba,maybe

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Probably automakers will create auto plants in Cuba and employ locals and then market there, Ditto with other Jaoan Inc. industries.

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"Cuba buys machinery from Japan and exports tobacco..."

Just what Japan needs - Cuban cigars, lol.

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Cuba buys machinery from Japan and exports tobacco, coffee and fish, Okaniwa said


They will export Cigar and coffee to USA. Maybe they might grow green tea instead of sugar?

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Cuba is definitely not "all old cars", and it's culture is certainly worth a visit before Americans flood it with their own overbearing presence. I know I'm returning soon. And anyone who posts here who hasn't been there in the past year or two should put it on their priority list. Yes, almost all of the people are poor, by our standards, but that's changing quickly enough, and they're kind, considerate and law-abiding, too, just like the Japanese people I know.

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