Japan plans panel to promote exchanges with S Korea


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Good to hear, good for them to do this.

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It is an accurate survey is required. If it's not, it's nonsense.

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A total waste of time.

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@ Econstats : I agree 200%. Waste of taxpayer money on the Panel. Time for Japan to just go her own way. USA has our back on security issues and the Abductees issue. Thankyou Trump, Thank-you!!

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There is really nothing more that Japan needs to do. It is South Korea which must undo the decades of anti-Japan propaganda that has permeated their society and education system. When you teach a one sided view presenting only negatives and ignoring positives, that is propaganda. And that is exactly how South Korea has re-written Korean-Japanese relations pre 1945. The South Korean government also needs to get a handle on activists groups like Chong Dae Hyup who have hijacked the Comfort Women issue to the point of marginalizing the South Korean government itself. IF, and this is a mighty big if, close cooperation between South Korea and Japan will be required to help North Korea if they sincerely wish to denuclearize and rebuild their nation economically. It is South Korea that needs to be doing things to promote better relations with Japan.

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Send money to North Korea for the infrastructure constructions there! Thats the message what Seoul (Moon) wants Mr.Abe to hear! Japan has owed the Koreans, especially the North Koreans, they were brothers/sisters of Mr.Moon!

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