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Japan considers $32 mil in additional humanitarian aid to Gaza


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kurisupisuToday 03:07 pm JST

Reconstruction aid in Ukraine but not Gaza?

There is also the fact that Gaza is a terrorist hotspot and will be forever assuming Hamas grows back.

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Reconstruction aid in Ukraine but not Gaza?

No Gazans coming to Japan as Ukrainians have been doing?

Why not?

There isn’t any money to had in Gaza for reconstruction and the Japanese don’t want to see their buildings blown up by American sourced projectiles.

Aid to buy blankets and tinned goods is about as close as Japan dares or wants to get…

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Bone...$445 per year is less than $10 per week.

At present single eggs in Gaza cost $3

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"Considering" is a time-consuming dog-chasing-its-tail process in Japan. And then they'll have to get a green light from the White House and a nod from Netanyahu. Meanwhile, the dying in Gaza goes on daily, according to plan.

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Before "considering" money, how about supporting an immediate cease fire and continue funding UNRWA? Even the Japanese representative of UNRWA has said on national TV that there is no evidence of complicity in the attacks on 10/7. The only evidence that IDF has said are documents which they only shared with the U.S. If Japan wants to contribute take if from the tax evasion LDP slush funds.

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They are all guilty stop sending money.

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According to World Bank data, for all countries receiving more than $2 billion international aid in 2012, Gaza and the West Bank received a per capita aid budget over double the next largest recipient, at a rate of $495.

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""In October and November last year, Japan announced plans to offer humanitarian aid for the Gaza Strip of $10 million and $65 million, respectively.""

Thank You JAPAN.

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Mr KiplingFeb. 22 05:17 pm JST

They should be sending military aid.

If you think you can get it by Israel without repercussions, I say sure, try to make your kid's wish come true.

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there’s no money there anymore

Thats because the politicians embezzled it all

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so I don’t understand, but please give me money for Ukraine, you promised to give it to Ukraine, there’s no money there anymore

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They should be sending military aid.

To Gaza? Sure, why not. Level the playing field a bit

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NO food, NO clean water, NO shelter, NO Mercy as if the world has forgotten that they are HUMANS.

no need to play the victim card here, you know before this humanitarian corridors already be open and offered for them? and you know the UNRWA who supposed to help everything, becoming the data center aka safe house for the terrorists?

I pray that Hamas and Israel will someday day be brought to justice

last i checked, Israel people enjoy the concert, young and old, doing nothing wrong. then they be slaughtered and attacked, and caught as hostages. Suddenly now the poor victim, the one be attacked, need to be brought to justice?

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The children and the needy in Gaza could and will need every donation possible as they have lost everything including Parents and loved ones, NO food, NO clean water, NO shelter, NO Mercy as if the world has forgotten that they are HUMANS.

I pray that Hamas and Israel will someday day be brought to justice for what they have inflected on these kids. Money helps but it can't bring back the dead nor heal the scars and wounds of this miserable conflict.

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They should be sending military aid.

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Help Japanese FIRST..

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So easy to give from other taxpayes' pockets.

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