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Japan eyes hiking defense spending to ¥40 trillion over 5 years


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Total waste of money!

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I tried reading through that word salad. I'm pretty sure I did not read anything about attracting more soldiers, sailors, etc. through increased pay and better training. Long-term, recruiting, training and retaining Japanese fighting men and women is going to be a challenge.

It would be fiscally responsible to tie increased military spending to hitting targeted economic growth rates. At the end of the day the economy is the backbone of a country's strength.

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Japanese nationalists seem to have delusion that "Japan can silence China by expansion of armament", and think nothing about risk of arms race.

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That money better be spent building a Gundam or something along those lines because good luck recruiting young soldiers.

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If Kishida's estimate for "defence" spending is anything like his estimate for Abe's funeral, it's going to cost  several hundreds of trillions of yen!

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How about some spending to ease the wallets of the people in Japan?

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Because why not? In a nation with a plummeting birthrate that constantly worries about the future and economical health of the nation, about where they can find money for already broke social programs, about the need to increase taxes, and more... why not? I'm pretty sure 40 trillion would be enough to have everyone in the nation that could physically do so keen to try and make babies if they got the support. But nope... let's use it to pay weapons companies.

I think the government is forgetting that pretty soon there is not going to be anything left to defend.

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How about some spending to ease the wallets of the people in Japan?

The unwarranted assumption we have is that the government must take care of its people and provide for their welfare. The elected who are representatives of the elites will act on behalf of the elite. If it means to procuring weath through the defense industry then you have to vote them out of office and choose the cadidates that represents your interests and needs. The proble is that they have covered their bases so that no matter who you elect, there invariably will be designated industry and corporate welfare that benefit from the people.

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it's going to cost several hundreds of trillions of yen!

And if it protects Japan, it is worth every single Yen.

-6 ( +2 / -8 )

I guess Japan is counting on militarization as the driver of economic growth which they have failed to stimulate any other way.

Really? Please explain the following headline:

Japan upgrades Q2 GDP growth to 3.5% on stronger consumer spending


-3 ( +1 / -4 )

"Japan can silence China by expansion of armament", and think nothing about risk of arms race.

Yeah right and as if China is not spending any money on Arms.

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Money printer goes BrrrRrrrrrr!

(Take a guess which nation sells the most equipment/military services :-))

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Good for Japan and the world! I would like to see Japan’s technology genius applied to defense. As Ronald Reagan used to say, “peace through strength!” China and North Korea are making Asia unsafe for free people. Japan cannot afford to appease those tyrants.

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It all depends on how wisely the money is spent and invested on national security. If it’s well spent, then it may be worth it. If not, then it’s a total waste.

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Japan is considering sharply increasing its defense spending...

Good. This is yet again another small step to become a normal nation.

-4 ( +0 / -4 )

Since when is a ‘counter strike capability’ a defensive capability?

The warmongering will just grow until a perceived sleight sends a missle from Japan somewhere where it will start a war-it is just a matter of time…

-3 ( +1 / -4 )

I used to think that this was a waste of money but now realize that there is no other way if a country wants to defend itself.

As shown by history violence and willingness to expand is part of human nature (or I would say of men nature as no woman ever started a war except Margaret Thatcher). So there is no other way than to spend on military. This is really sad but this is the lesson to be learnt from history.

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Japan should rightly build up its military. She needs all the armaments to defend herself against aggressors because all potential wars will occur in the future when the red horseman of the apocalypse takes peace from the earth.

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The Finance Ministry initially intends to maintain fiscal discipline by funding the increased defense spending through issuing government bonds, and plans to repay the debt by raising corporate and other taxes.

And I plan to maintain fiscal discipline by spending the extra on my credit card and getting a way better income by changing jobs and becoming CEO.

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And then some people even expect wage rises or less taxes during that monster inflation. That’s a naive phantasy, not more. This new additional ‘hobby’ of holding more weapons in hand has quite a price, that beforehand has to be innovated, produced and globally sold for real money. Now tell me how that should work in a global recession , shrinking population, less young people available for education, innovations, patents and production of the less results. No, that’s all paid out of the remaining and shrinking substance and it will therefore hurt much above average.

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Total waste of money!

Remaining free is never a waste of money. Ignoring the threat at your back is never wise.

Taking the necessary steps to keep your territories safe and your sovereignty in tact is prudent and measured.

Ignore the state of the world like an ostrich with head buried in the sand will not spare you from what is approaching. The tide of war is coming. Unless the conflict in Europe is ended it will spread and WWIII will ensue. Unlike other such conflicts, this will impact the entire planet in conflict. Nuclear weapons will be unleashed and a nuclear winter will envelope the world. Mankind's population will be severely reduced everywhere.

Unfortunately it is the power players that control the coming destiny. Only the US, China, Russia and perhaps India can work to avert disaster. But with Russia involved in the conquest of Ukraine and perhaps more of Europe, and China coveting control of Taiwan at any cost, it is unlikely the US and India can stop these things without reverting to major conflict in defense of freedom.

Japan really has no other choice. It could ignore it all and be swallowed up early in the coming conflict. Or it could fight for its future survival.

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Japan has the largest national debt in the world at 1,255.19 trillion yen or 257% of GDP. Perhaps the government should work on reducing this before buying more expensive toys from America.

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It costs almost zero for a mass drone army and biological weapons. This money is just for US military industrial complex. If we really want conventional weapons, Russia has the best, and China has the cheapest.

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pacifist Constitution


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US consistent fail to recruit new people in the service,and the one that do enlist,do not want to fight for foreigner or foreign wars,lots of them join for personal reasons,not out of a sense of patriotism, meaning you foreigner are on your own, Google US Military Recruitment Shortfall

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