Japan eyes using enemy base strike capability with U.S.


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enemy base strike capability, or what it prefers to call "counterstrike capability," with its ally the United States,

euphemism! first strike, sex slaves=comfort woman. Euphemism

revise its National Security Strategy next month.ie, re interpret the constitution of Japan.

Komeito was initially reluctant to agree to allow such a capability but has begun to consider accepting the LDP's stance in general. They want to maintain their lucrative salaries, no matter the moral cost.

On Tuesday, a government panel consisting mostly of defense policy and public finance experts 

who are these defence and public experts? Family LDP members, failed LDP members, can’t find any information on them.

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This is exactly what Japan needs: a force projection capability. If Japan can hold an adversary’s assets at risk, it will be less likely to use its military against us.

As long as Japan lacks a force projection capability, it will have to fight defensive engagements on its own territory like Ukraine.

And while Ukraine is doing a wonderful job, if it could strike targets in Russia in retaliation for strikes on its civilian infrastructure, this war would be close to finished by now.

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Japan is doing the right thing. And needs to do more. All because Japan is unlucky enough to be surrounded by "crazies".


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Japan is moving in the correct direction to truly be able to defend and deter.

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I read that this morning thinking “WTAF?!!!”

For starters (& I realize that to some extent this was an unknown to most of us before the war in Ukraine) seeing how much the Russians struggle (and that’s putting it diplomatically) against the UA, what would have happened against the Aegis-equipped MDF or the F-15, F-2, F-35 equipped ADF fighting with the situational awareness of the AWACS system? I dare say, the JSDF could have told the Americans to take their time riding to the rescue.

Which brings up the next point: the US-JAPAN defense treaty. Attacking Ukraine was one thing but a major Allie? We’re they stupid enough to think that we wouldn’t pull out a can of whip-ass?

And over something that happened in the late 1930s? Seriously?

That Russia could have been that delusional gives me pause at its ability to act in its own rational interest.

So yes, the time has come for a force projection capability because as you say, we’re living in the middle of some delusional actors.

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Japan may "prefer to call it 'counter-strike capability'", but that doesn't change the fact it would be first-strike, and Japan would be engaging in war against its Constitution. In fact, owning the weapons is against the Constitution to begin with. What's more, is that they are already formed panels that have decided this should all be paid for through increased taxes -- you know, on the people who have the most debt per person in all of the developed nations and who are not having kids because it's too expensive to raise them. So, once again, I ask, what is it Japan intends to defend by destroying itself to get the weapons?

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OssanAmerica: "All because Japan is unlucky enough to be surrounded by "crazies"."

That's what happens when you attack, oppress, rape, and murder millions of them, then spend the next 80 years denying it.

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Japan should develop its own enemy base strike capability and, preferably, its own nuclear capabilities to become a truly independent country.

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All you need is an autocracy and a delusional leader at the helm.

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The article 9 of the constitution was written during a time of 1940's technical and military capabilities. Much has changed since then and a growing number of nations both big and small have a long range strike ability for defense and for attack. As the numbers grow and technical advances make it clear you need to keep up or fall behind. Historically those who fall behind get invaded and occupied at some point. Either for "living room" or for resources or for assets and forced labor. Nations subjected to that never fair well. Nothing says it must happen to Japan but why leave yourself open when you can make it much less likely?

Russia is not friendly. They had very close relations with Ukraine, like the US and Canada or Australia and New Zealand, but they invaded Ukraine none the less and we have all seen the deaths and destruction for the past 9 months.

China wants to control Taiwan and refuse to rule out force, and in fact continue to increase capabilities in order to defeat Taiwan....soon.

North Korea is bellicose, belligerent and unstable and it is nuclear armed and has ICBM's that can travel across the globe.

Japan has three neighbors capable of inflicting significant damage on Japan should they choose to. In order to not have to scrape and bow to their demands Japan has an alliance with the US and growing relations with Australia and others in the region to rely on.

Short of getting their own defensive nuclear deterrent on ballistic submarines like France and the UK, having a conventional counter strike ability is the least confronting and the cheapest option. It is also the least effective option, but better than having nothing.

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Long overdue. Too little, not yet too late. Problem is, Corporate Japan is still hooked to China.

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I would suggest to remain cool-headed about that one.

Winds of change:

https://www.woc.one/home (which seem to basically just ask for...your money...)

https://mobile.twitter.com/windofchangerg ( a little bit more activity here, but just a tiny little bit)

...as a tax-exempt NPO organization has only been acknowledged as such as from May 19th 2022. As such, it's still pretty wet behind the ears as the 2 above links show


Christo Grozev works for Bellingcat (a well-known and respected news and investigation outlet):


While on his Twitter account, Christo does seem to talk about a message and its authentication which contextually seem to be the one from Newsweek....


...there are a few things to consider, such as:

1 - Christo's own statement:

I showed the letter to two actual (current or former) FSB contacts, and they had no doubt it was written by a colleague. They didn't agree with all of his conclusions, but that's a different story.

2- the document on his Twitter account...does not mention Japan...

A search for "Japan" on Bellingcat does not seem to lead to anything.


A search for "Japan", "Japon" or "Япония" does not seem to lead to anything eiter


Heck, Winds of Change's own Twitter account doesn't seem to pick up on this story...


...but does pick up on an article by the UK Spectator, article which mentions Christo's validation but...not Japan...

Ultimately, what we are left with is Igor Sushko's own Twitter account pointing to...Newsweek, with Newsweek pointing back to...Sushko...thus going full circle as in: I say this because he said it and he said it because I say it...with Christo and Gulagu.net tossed in for good measure but with them not saying very much about the whole "Japan"-thing.

Everybody his own, but I will just go with: you can say whatever on the internet, but it does not make it true, not by a stretch and most certainly not without any serious evidence.

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The Japanese people do not need another war now.

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"Counterattack capability" that LDP government named so to deceive general public is clearly preemptive attack, and it is constitutional violation. 

LDP can expand armament as Unification Church group want, US can sell costly weapons.

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Japan is doing the right thing. And needs to do more. All because Japan is unlucky enough to be surrounded by "crazies".

Yes, in Okinawa, Misawa, Fussa, Yokosuka, Ayase, and Iwakuni...

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The US cannot strike anyone,with Congress,the military answer to civilian authority

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The Government of Japan must protect its people from harm.

This will demand a off shore next generation tactical/strategic response.

It will also require an onshore first strike capability.

The Government of China and North Korea have brought us here.

Change brings fear. Japan has been here before and must prepare it's people.

To insist that the people of Japan must remain cowed after decades of peace are over.

The question here is J politics up to change?

That is the question.

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Read War is a Racket in your browser, by Maj Gen Smedley D Butler and watch The Money Masters in You TUBE. It is related to the whole thing.

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The people offered the UN article nine. Peace

The Governments of China, Russia, and North Korea have thrown that offer back in the people of Japan face.

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5 minutes rules Japan live by , Japanese cannot debate something,they already live under by it enemies

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with its ally the United States

Well, were we not talking about protecting Japan's sovereignty? Sounds more like we are paying our tax money to US, so they can dominate Asia via Japan. Hmm, shouldn't they be paying us for that privilege?

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The Japanese people do not need another war now.

Yes, that's why Japan need enemy base strike capability to deter their enemies. It's a no-brainer when you look around Japan's neighbors.

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May I ask why a number of countries around Japan dislike Japan so much?

It can't all be due to a friendship with America

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Zizi, Japanese protection is not the majority of American priority of protecting Japanese privilege

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Japan may "prefer to call it 'counter-strike capability'", but that doesn't change the fact it would be first-strike, 

Counterstrike by definition is not first strike. It is what you do after an enemy attacks you.

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The article doesn't explicitly state this but the way I read it is that Japan wants their ships, aircraft and land vehicles to be able to launch a range of US long range cruise missiles that, in the event of war, the US would supply to Japanese forces. Integrating a weapon system into aircraft or ships that were not built to use that weapon generally requires a couple of years of work. In a war you do not have that kind of time. But weapons cost a lot to buy and you hopefully never use them. For a nation like Japan it might be better for them to put the effort in now integrating the full range of US weapons into their ships, aircraft and ground vehicles now but maybe not buy a stockpile of those weapons. Train with the US on US training rounds and rely on the US to supply Japan with live rounds in the event of a war. For the US, UK, Australia and other regional allies this gives allied forces a lot more trained and qualified missile shooters on day one of a war. The US can provide the weapons out of their own stocks on their bases in Japan.

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