Japan forced to amend budget over dodgy labor data

By Toshifumi Kitamura

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Oh, so when a Japanese government agency commits a financial breech of trust and fraud involving billions of yen it’s called, dodgy data. How amusing!

Suga said it was "extremely regrettable”

There is the Japanese ‘get out of jail free’ card.

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In post-war Japanese any single mistake will force someone to step down from their position. These days in Japan mistake after mistake, scandal after scandal keep happening while no one step down. Those scandals just keep add in the future.

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I wonder how far off really is the data, as it is just a sample size issue.

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This is what happens when employees are trained by schooling and experience to ignore anomalies, forego individual judgement, suspend their ethics and blindly follow orders. The entire organizational hierarchy of Japan, whether it's public sector or private enterprise, is modeled on that of the military.

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dodgy labor data

Dodgy? I would not call falsification of data for more than a decade "dodgy". And again, who are the responsible for this? Let me answer. Nobody is responsible because the people involved are Japanese protected by the government.

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Dodgy? If they base the jobless rate on these figures then corespondently payments have to match. The bizarre thinking make things fit to a lie prevailing once again. Never trust government statistics in Japan they are out right lies that have prevailed for decades.

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While it sounds ridiculous, but...

Local media said the scandal could date back more than a decade and a total of 53 billion yen would be repaid to 20 million workers.

Equates to 2500yen each on average? So likely the error is in the amt calculated.

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I assume the culprits were harshly punished by being asked to bow and apologize.

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another case of the extremely regrettables

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