Japan foreign minister heads to Mideast to talk security, Afghanistan


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I am sure he can turn things around

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The US failure in Afghanistan will embolden Iran as they now have a more secure border to the east. I can imagine the Israelis are not feeling particularly comfortable though

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There is nothing on the agenda in the article about Afghanistan. I guess he missed that fax before flying…1st class.

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"...talk security..." (translation: talk Yen). The Taliban will no doubt have their turbans and ears to the ground taking a keen interest in these talks and making moves to temper their religious scruples so as to "talk Yen" sooner than later with Japanese fat-wallet infidels.

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Japanese politicians trying to stay relevant on the international stage is like trying to get a J-pop singer into the top ten of the American music charts.

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Playing second fiddle to the americans, as always.

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@Iron Lad and @Pukey2 Japan is not trying to be a superpower, they are just want to ensure their oil supply is uninterrupted!

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