Motegi to visit Russia to discuss formal WWII treaty


Japan's foreign minister agreed on Friday to visit Russia next month for talks about a formal World War Two peace treaty, a ministry official said, following a decades-old dispute that has prevented the countries from reaching a pact.

Toshimitsu Motegi agreed with counterpart Sergei Lavrov to visit Russia in mid-December and discuss the issue, the official said at a briefing on the sidelines of a meeting of the Group of 20 (G20) nations in the central Japanese city of Nagoya.

Japan claims a string of Russian-controlled western Pacific islands. The territorial row has precluded a formal peace treaty between the two countries.

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Capitulation by Japan.

Japan needs a deal with Russia.

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Russia is frustrated the "Hokkaido" is not in their hands! Roosevelt promised to partition the Japanese empire by giving that island to Soviet Union! It was revoked by Harry Truman after Roosevelt's death! From Stalin until present day Mr.Putin, the Russians were biggoted that humiliation and broken deal! That's why never a peace deal with Japan from former Soviet Union/ Russia!

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Look at a map of the world.

You see that giant country the biggest in the world 1000x the size of Japan with more land then they will ever use... RUSSIA.

You Japan with the one of the worst locations in the world, Tsunami and Earthquakes every other year. You Japanese should give more land to Russia. Recognize your land as Russian.

I don't think so Rusky... Go back to Moscow. That's your land.

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