Japan, France agree on defence equipment cooperation


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To clarify the concern mentioned above (copied from JT's other article)

Le Drian responded by saying France understood Japan’s concern but Russia has already made a payment, adding that if such sales are included in EU sanctions on Russia, France would follow the policy, a Japanese Defence Ministry official said.

To me, that's fair enough. The French are conducting (continuing) a legitimate business transaction, but if push comes to shove, too bad for Mr. Putin and friends.

These ships are designed to conduct amphibious attacks. Good for securing a beachhead (assuming they have proper escort to get that far in an unfriendly environment). Not enough logistic capability to carry out a full-scale invasion (unless the territory is small) but could be used to seize key targets that could facilitate one.

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A proposition made by netizens as of late is for Japan to buy the stillborn future French aircraft carrier PA2 itself derived from the British Queen Elizabeth class (the French having already paid for some of the design off the British) and combine it with tech from the Hyuga and Izumo. It makes sense, Japan has a long history of military exchange with the French and France sold a CATOBAR carrier to Brazil; the Foch now San Paulo. It would be an inspiring sight but personally I'm ambivalent about Japan further leaving it's pacifist stance. Plus what would they fly off it?

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