Japan frustrated over slow pace of North Korea abduction probe


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“It is extremely regrettable that no abduction victims returned home although it’s been a year since the investigation started,” Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said during a parliamentary session.

You get what you give. Abe you should be so bold to point fingers at other countries in your own house of glass.

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NK is playing Japan for a fool on this issue. Abe created this fake issue to become PM the first time. Nothing has come about from making this topic A on NHK. Nothing. Other than it got Abe elected PM the first time. These crimes occurred 40 years ago.

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Japan's voicing its frustration at having to deal with a compulsive liar.

There's no way such a draconian dictatorship can't even find one person during this past year and half.

Absolutely dragging their feet after gaining some concessions from Japan.

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Heh., heh, heh.

He said "probe."

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Can't hold your breath if your dealing with NK. Can't with Japan hire, for that matter.

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Time to close an open wound for the Japanese people. No need for a political advantage on either side. North Korea has nothing to lose by opening the books on this sordid chapter. All Japanese being kidnapped should be accounted for.

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I can't believe that anyone was naive enough to believe the investigation would happen let alone bring any results.

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It's never easy to have to deal with insane psychopaths! NK. Is just Jerking Japan around, pretending to act as if something is being done but from the beginning they had no intentions to solve this issue. The civilized world needs to understand that it's in their best interest to completely lock out NK.

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This is a classic example of "jerking around," making the J. govt look foolish. I feel sorry for those relatives, who are always appealing for some action. I am getting tired of seeing them on NHK; they are wasting their time. Who are they appealing to? The NK govt could care less about their appeals, and their own govt./prime minister is too week and cowardly to do anything. Just talk, talk, talk.... Really sad.

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When is Japan going to realize that the abductees are never coming back? How much time, money and resources have been wasted on pursuing these 8 people? I can guarantee you that not even close to that amount of effort goes into finding missing persons in Japan who have a far better chance of being found. By easing sanctions they are aiding the North Korean government continue their oppressive regime, indirectly sponsoring the mistreatment of thousands and thousands of North Korean nationals. CUT YOUR LOSSES ALREADY!

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The world is frustrated with Japan harboring Japanese parents who are child kidnappers. They should resolve that before moaning about the NK abductions

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Japan does the same thing as NK.

Japan has allowed its nationals to abduct their children with a foreign parent back to Japan. It's the same thing as NK is doing.

Moderator: Absolutely no similarity at all between the two issues.

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