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Japan gov't debt hits record-high Y1,085 tril at end of Dec


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I agree reckless.

Aging population is going to add to the debt with health care and pension costs -

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the Bank of Japan's bold monetary easing

More like experimental or last ditch! Never ever associate the word bold with a scrawny banker.

Time will tell if this was a good idea once the unwinding gets going. We could be in for another Depression like 100 years ago.

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No problem for Abe. Buy ospreys, F35s, ageis ashore, change the constitution, and invade NK. Take all the resources and inslave the people in mining and comfort women. Then Abe can have a snap election with the theme...let’s make japan great again!

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under the Bank of Japan's bold monetary easing.

Monetary easing means the Bank of Japan is buying Japanese government bonds.

The Bank of Japan is ostensibly owned by the Japanese government.

That means the Japanese government owes money to the Japanese government.

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