Japanese gov't secretly weighed 5 dates for era name change to Heisei


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憲新 many positive homonyms for Kenshin to signal the new era for Japan to assert herself.

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It's 2019 and Japan is still stuck in this ancient custom that has roots in the ancient Chinese dynasties. It's high time to do away with this and the best opportunity to abolish the gengo is now.

As a transitional measure, the government of Japan should promulgate, retroactively, a permanent new era of Nissen (日扇), to be reckoned from the year 2001, making this year effectively 日扇19.

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The name is unlikely to begin with a romaji M, T, S or H. We can also rule out L, Q, V, and X and probably P.

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The gengo is just one of the anachronistic cobwebs from the dusty past that should be swept away because it hinders the Japanese from acquiring a modern, progressive mind-set in sync with the rest of the developed world. Just say "Long Live the Emperor / Empress (sic)" and save a bit of money, too.

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Is this news?

By all means have an emperor system if you want, but magnifying trivia to create a sense of importance, is just that - trivial.

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Nice to see politicians using their expansive brain power. It does take time to form panels of experts to deliberate over a year name no one uses other than government officials who are supplied with a card converting normal time into the netherworld time. It makes politicians feel somewhat important and relevant, let them enjoy sit back and wait for rational thinking to evolve.

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