Japan gov't spokesman's secretary to quit over drink-driving ticket


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There is so much that’s just wrong in this short story.

his "supervision and management did not go far enough." He is an adult how far should you manage an Adult?

making the return drive home of less than a kilometer when a police officer stopped him for questioning. Less than a kilometer, walk home you idiot.

but because he could not connect a call with a designated driver service?

two points is that a tax payer funded driver service?, because that’s a story on its own. And he can call a designated driver service for a trip that’s under a kilometer in length? Oh my lord these people are so entitled.

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A breathalyzer test found his alcohol level was above the legal limit, and he was issued a traffic ticket.

Huh? Dude got some serious special treatment here! The average person would have been arressted for drunk driving, and would be facing some serious repercussions. He SHOULD lose his license, he SHOULD be fined 1 Million yen, per the DUI laws here, and if he can not pay it, go to jail and work it off at 5,000 yen per day, like everyone else!

The secretary said he drank about three glasses of diluted shochu distilled liquor,

Diluted my arse! He mixed it with water or something else, but the sochu itself was not diluted!

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two points is that a tax payer funded driver service?,

Where did you get this from? It's not in the article anywhere.

but because he could not connect a call with a designated driver service he "complacently decided to drive myself," according to Matsuno.

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He is a government employee at a high level so a driver service is provided, I don’t know that’s why I termed my comment as a question. Sometimes asking as I did is seeking answers not knowing,? I like being able to make a decision with as many facts as I can.

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My takeaway from this story is that a glorified secretary needs his (didn't check but almost certainly a man) own secretary.

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 Less than a kilometer, walk home you idiot.

But it was cold, and it's a known fact that blue blood doesn't do well in cold.

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Three glasses of diluted Shochu is nothing. If he was capable of driving safely, they should just take his keys and he can get them the next day. He also didn’t get a ticket. He lost his license for two years and must meet a prosecutor. Fine can be over ¥1,000,000.

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Only one kilometer and he was caught. Actually, he was not lucky. Or the police was waiting for him

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 drank alone for about an hour at an izakaya

> Matsuno said he takes the matter "very seriously" 


Because you got, you know, busted with a DUI. Clearly if you “were” serious, you’d either just drink at home, have a DD with you or just walk or cab it home.

This reminds me of a kid I knew back in high school. He would often ditch school, or come late, late meaning with about 5 minutes left in class during the last period, JUST so he could play sports with the team.

Then he comes in talking about he was “serious” about studying and being a student. And the class, including the teacher would just scoff in disbelief.

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I visit my local pub often. It's one kilometer from my home, and I NEVER drive there. They guy has no excuse for being stupid.

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