Japan gov't spokesman to concurrently serve as vaccination minister


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The departure of Horiuchi coincides with the end of a period designated by law to create the ministerial post in charge of work related to last summer's Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, a title she has doubled in the cabinet of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida.

Ms. Horiuchi did an admirable job forcing the Olympics down the throat of the people of Japan, now she has a well deserved rest.

I am sure Mr. Matsuno's double duties will not be too much of a burden. The life of an LDP politico is something else.

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Japan has been accelerating the provision of third COVID-19 vaccine shots but the inoculation rate was still below 40 percent as of Tuesday.

Not only did they effectively drop the "Ministry of Vaccination" position but they did this while a majority of Japanese are not fully vaccinated.

Which basically means they don't care anymore because more and more data is coming out on Covid vaccines "waning"

The Japanese government has lost faith in the vaccines and so has the Japanese public.

The 4th shot will have even lower uptake, eventually the "fully vaccinated" will be a minority and the "undervaccinated" will be the majority.

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The Japanese government has lost faith in the vaccines and so has the Japanese public.

That must be why they just announced plans to spend 667 billion yen to purchase a 4th round of vaccines.


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