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Gov't to pay damages over bureaucrat's suicide linked to Abe scandal


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They have to put the senior official, who actually ordered to make the change for Abe regime, behind the bar. Abe and Aso must resign.

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So they make a small payment of Y100 million and this all goes away? What a joke the Japanese legal system is. This court case must go ahead and Abe, Aso, and all others who were involved prosecuted and punished for this. Of course it will never happen. Let's hear from our anti-Ghosn group this morning about how he should have stayed and faced the music. Rules for thee and rules for me!

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The lawyer is right. It’s extremely rare for the state to accept the plaintiff’s claim and pay a full compensation. The government was afraid that the prolonged litigation would open up a can of worms that might intimidate the former PM.

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The Japanese legal system is so biased towards the Govt it is a joke!

17 ( +19 / -2 )

Japan seemed to participate in democracy summit.

But its actual state is undemocratic country where tamper with even public document to conceal inconvenient fact for handful power person.

10 ( +12 / -2 )

This all happened because Abe wanted something for his friends and family.

Corruption of the highest order which went on to destroy other people's lives.

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Honest Abe, tax payers are continuing to literally pay for his dubious decisions. While he struts around like a Sage.

6 ( +7 / -1 )

It seems Kishida is closing all leaks left by Abe.

A good sign!

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The money should be paid by those who order to tamper the documents, not tax payers money.

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The Japanese government said Wednesday it has agreed to pay damages to a former Finance Ministry bureaucrat's wife who alleges her husband killed himself after being ordered to tamper with documents related to favoritism allegations against then Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Abe should be in jail.

after officials said the government has come to believe that it is "not appropriate to prolong the proceedings unnecessarily.

yeah.. where have we heard that before??

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The payment “ensures the detailed process leading to the alteration of the documents will not be revealed”.

No need to read more.

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It takes a lot to get the LDP voted out of power but thankfully Ishin has arisen as an increasingly viable alternative.

We really need to have government whittled down to a more appropriate size. In the end look what they do - to paper over their gross misdeeds they spend even more of our money compensating this poor widow. Which she doesn’t want as much as she wants the truth.

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Like a made for tv movie. Netflix THIS! HaLooters hardcore. the mob- pure entertainment.

Look at how these old guys run things. They get Tax payers to write off their criminal actions.

Looter's Courts/ Looter's Ministry. Hands deep dirt.

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On the surface, the J-gov appears to be democratic; however, the undercurrent is similar to CCP.

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How is that criminal still roaming free?

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The tax payers now even pay for someone’s stupid decision of committing suicide? Are they completely crazed there? Distributing millions while we all struggle during pandemic to make ends meet? He was surely very good situated and in high position and no one forced him by anything to do it. Unbelievable.

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The government agreed to a settlement??? How nice. In other words, the public and their taxes will pay this money. Why not make Abe san, his crew and anybody else that was involved pay out of their pockets?

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i was surprised to see the words of Abe in the article. It is true, but no Japanse daily or major broadcast refer to his name in relation to the suicide case. In English paper, it is much better and reasonable and straightfoward.

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