Gov't to revoke license for channel of scandal-hit broadcaster


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Closing down a channel with 650 subscribers must really hurt. One wonders if it actually made a profit.

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How is none of this not blowing back on Suga?

He throws the toadies doing his kid’s bidding yet somehow remains above the fray. I find it “unlikely” that he didn’t know exactly what was going on.

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They will appear again soon. Under a new name. Same people. If things go south and you are closed by the government, just change your name and it'll be fine again. It worked like this so many times before. Same people, same place, sometimes you forget old names in new pamphlets or online code.

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Never heard of this channel.

But does it matter if they are locked out?

How does it touch me?

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Robert cikki:

Sad but true.

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MMMMMMMM always have been and always same repeated actions. Boring.

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650 subscribers? Is that all?

We have a tv with a 4k tuner but there doesn't seem to be many channels and our antenna and booster can only pick up half of them anyway. That's when its not raining.

The TV manufacturers in Japan usually have a big push at selling TVs in Japan when the Olympics or football World Cup are on, but we've not heard much about 4k this time.

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we've not heard much about 4k this time.

That's simply because 4k might be one of the most useless advances in television. In a 50-60 inch screen, from normal viewing distances, it is close to impossible to discern between FullHD and 4K

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@ebisen: I disagree. The same movie played on my 65 inch OLED in Blu-Ray vs 4K is quite noticeable - especially in dark scenes - even more so animation.

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