Gov't budget requests for FY2019 swell to record high


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These articles never state what revenues are.

what is the point in talking about budgets if the focus is only on one side of the ledger?

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Too many cops in Japan. I'm tired of reading how thousands - sometimes 10s of thousands of investigators - are assigned to a single case. Absurd. And Abe said last year "law enforcement" spending would be hiked. Let's put 100,000 cops on a single case, eh?

The guys in my local koban do nothing but sit in their chairs and occasionally stand up, I've noticed after 10 years of walking past them every day. They don't collar street smokers, punk bikers with clearly illegal exhaust pipes, cars running red lights, and a host of other law breakers, I've also noticed.

Think of the costs: lifetime employment, middle-class wage, generous pensions. That's $$$$$$ of state funds that could be shaved to $$.

Health care ain't free in Japan, nor is pension. We pay our own contributions, which are steep. Yet they take up huge parts of the budget. We're getting the worst of both worlds. But that's OK, corporations - now wealthier than in any time in history - recently got a tax cut

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Too many cops in Japan.

People say this, but the goal of the police is to preserve law and order. Japan is lawful orderly country. I personally would rather have 'too many' cops and an orderly society, than not enough and a less orderly society.

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Good point about the cops.There are so many of them doing virtually nothing.

Japan is a lawful orderly country in spite of them not because of them.

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Back on topic please.

The real war between Japan and mother nature is going on, but there is no money allocated to win the war.

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No surprise. Abe is there to do what he wants, all Japan should be prepared to pay more for military armaments not to be used, unless at the training maneuvers, named "national security". Waste millions of yen to show threat seems much important than carry forward the stock of future natural disasters, what in fact is lawmakers meetings to increase more national bond at Special Diet Sessions. At this moment the national bond going higher than all national taxation...Sad reality increases with all those bubbled people "banzais" to feel the stronger Japan.

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Abe has promised a stimulus package to offset the negative impact of a planned increase in the nationwide consumption tax in October 2019,

i.e., raise taxes meant for pensions but use them for useless construction projects instead

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Akie, show us the evidences of no money being allocated to win "the war" you talk about?

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A. T. Ishii, so you want to spend money on armament and use it immediately? For a nation to survive, among other things, we need defense preparedness. You think we can spend millions on arms and no training? No one hopes they have to resort to arms but if you are not prepared, who are going to save you?

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The article doesn't make any mention if the Government has to borrow to pay for this - Just a guess they will have to - Spending borrowed billions today so young people tomorrow has to pay it off. If we got to have a look at what the money will be spent on there will be billions being wasted, if the Government needs a stimulus before a tax hike then we all know whats gonna happen after that tax hike hits the average Japanese pocket.

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To hattorikun:

Actually I don't need Japan to spend more yens in armament, better to say, replace or some additional items to be replaced as Japan is one the most potential country in armament ranking within the 10th. I'm not totally against the trainings, of course it's necessary, but why so much armament, 10 year after those weapons will be arsenal of scraps. New strategies is much important than amount of new weapons and all components to be set up there. If it's to protect Japan the govt. must enforce the Maritime Coast Guards, they are in action the vigilances of southern Japan, Japan Sea and Northern areas. I'm proud of them. Increasing annually the budget is much governamental policy to me. So, if you don't understand it you belong to those ones of "banzais".

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hattorikun, what is the increase of govt budget for prevention of disasters ? What if there will be another earthquake next year ? Is Japan ready for it ? Is monitoring system in place ? What is the early warning ? What about another heatwave ? Are all schools air conditioned ? What about another virus outbreak ? Are all hospitals equipped with tools they need ? What is next year prediction ? Good year ? Bad year ? Worse year ? How much money needed to keep Japanese people safe and happy in case of any major disasters ? Has it ever occurred to Abe that the major threat Japan faces since the end of war is from heaven, not from neighbors ? If you can't answer the above questions in quantitative ways, then Japan is not ready.

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