Japanese gov't to host conference with young people on tackling climate change


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So they have already written a script for participants to read out aloud?

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Bureaucrats are never short of ways to waste taxpayers money.

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involving young people

Oh really?

Old person: "How do you feel about renewable energy?"

Young person (without script): (In his/her head........Looks around. Do I give an answer? This wasn't in the class notes. I heard the answer in a class lecture once. Where is someone to advise me about my opinion? What do I do?)

nods head silent. "Un. I think its good."


Old person: "How do you feel about renewable energy?"

Young person (with script and rehearsed about 20 times.) "I think that renewable energy is a great idea! That is because..............................................And that is why, it is a great idea!"

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The younger generation may be onto something. Too many older Americans fell for TrumpTrash's lies about 'clean coal' and his talk about 'bringing new jobs'. And he's too ignorant and stupid to know about wing turbine power and so are some older Americans too.

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I'm guessing the younger members are in their mid to late 50s?

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planning to host a conference in December involving young people as well as business and government figures 

so its an island event, means only locals?

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To bring 'awareness'? Good thing to do in case there is one senjin in a mountain cave that has not heard climate change mentioned this week.

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