Japan grants visas to 300 Myanmar nationals due to political unrest


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Japanese companies have made a lot of money out of Myanmar;it’s about time Japan did something for the people

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Good for them.

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A step on the right direction but very limited compared with all that Japanese could be doing to protect refugees.

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If Pyae Lyan Aung doesn't like what's going down in Myanmar, he should go back and fight for his people. Others are already there fighting and are doing so at much risk to themselves and their families. IMO, Pyae Lyan Aung took the easy way out. Refugee? Yeah, sure.

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Japan has granted an extension of visas for about 300 Myanmar nationals in Japan

It's only extension visa, they're final refugee application is not accepted yet. At the end only 20 of them will be accepted each year.


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A kind ‘gesture’, thankfully yet presumedly accepted with ‘a degree of apprehension’. Only “Time will tell” what % of 300 will be accepted as permanent refugees, given “asylum”, granted temporary residency or, “dare we ask?”: Japanese ‘citizenship’?

(Let’s look foreword to Kyodo News following up with a full story of their continued plight?)

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