Japan hits N Korea with additional sanctions


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Dear Leader has his foot in a very dangerous place, dare not tell him for fear of reprisal though!

Additional sanctions will do nothing, the only people that will suffer are the poor starving and impoverished serfs' as they still live with the Songun policy in place.

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Does KJU even gives a rats @$$ about sanctions anymore?

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Why always "additional sanctions"????  why haven't total ones been used already (although must agree don't believe sanctions are very useful as a deterrent)

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Yeah, but they still let millions of yen go there in Pachinko Parlor profits...funny dat.

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doublespeak at best... offcourse pachinkos will be fine, freezing firms assets is only a money grab on top of the cake

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Why does NK have to give up nuclear arms when other dangerous regimes, including the U.S.A. still have them? If EVERYONE gave up nuclear arms it would make sense.

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If EVERYONE gave up nuclear arms it would make sense

It would to the ordinary folk, the millions of us who just want to get on with life but it would be an unthinkable suggestion to the war machine. Trillions upon trillions of unthinkable profit, halted forever.

Oh, if only.

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Why does NK have to give up nuclear arms when other dangerous regimes, including the U.S.A. still have them?

I think your question is making a rhetorical point (and an interesting one), but in case someone is looking for an answer, it's because North Korea is a member of the United Nations and is subject to the various UN security council resolutions that have been passed on its nuclear and missile programs.

Is it fair that a handful of security council members can decide to shut down a country's nuclear program? Especially a country that has withdrawn from the nuclear non-proliferation treaty? I don't know, but either way it's what NK (and nearly every other country) has signed up for when they joined the UN.

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Wonder if it was the N. Koreans who took down a number of the Equity Trading systems this afternoon within Japan - SBI/Rakuten-sec, etc.

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Because obviously the sanctions have worked well thusfar, and increasing them on a desperate regime will do even more wonders. Tomorrow Japan will express wonder and bafflement over a missile landing in its coastal waters and think about... sanctions.

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M3m3m3: all the same, no -member nations who slander the UN all the time have no right demanding members abide by UN rules.

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Very fair point. And not only slandering the UN but undermining the authority of the security council by launching their own unilateral strikes in violation of the UN charter.

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M3M3M3: exactly!

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North Korea's three gifts to the world are nuclear threats, cyber attacks, counterfeiting and drug running! Four! Four gifts are nuclear threats, cyber attacks, counterfeiting, drug running and arms dealing. FIVE of North Korea's gifts to... etc. And let's not forget panchiko. It deserves no leeway. Every concession however small remaining it takes as a victory. But basically it is too late now. When the missiles fly Japan will be first in line. North Korea will not attack Koreans and they will not attack America directly.

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doublespeak at best... offcourse pachinkos will be fine,

Don't pay much attention to JAPANESE news do you? Pachinko is in the process of getting hit as well. Under the guise of trying to get a handle on those who are addicted to pachinko and slots the laws regarding payouts have been changed and are scheduled to be implemented over the course of the next year.

Profits gleaned from Pachinko/Slot parlors are going to be taking a huge hit as well.

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Prime trouble Maker Abe is making trouble for Asians again. China is the only country that is able to protect Japan and South Korea from wars. Without China, who will be able to persuade NKorea ? I hope Chinese people would not be insulted by Abe's unilateral, immoral act.

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Just keep milking those NK related headlines Shinzo, for as long as possible. never mind sanctions had resulted in jack all till now and if anyone is hit its the poorest class in NK whilst the regime merrily goes on. As long as those headlines keep the LDP corruption scandals on the back burner " mission is accomplished " .

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Latest news is NK offered sales of its missile to Iran and Iraq.

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Getting serious ???

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Judging by the dear leader's girth and roundness, I seriously doubt he is the least bit concerned with sanctions.

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The third fatty may not be worried about the sanctions, but China is concerned that their corrupt cronies are being pinched. Maybe that's what we need to get the Chinese to put a muzzle on their dog.

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Civitas Sine Suffragio

"....they still let millions of yen go there in Pachinko Parlor profits."  I've heard this before, but have yet to see data on this.  Can you tell me the sources to support this?

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 I've heard this before, but have yet to see data on this. Can you tell me the sources to support this?

Try these links:




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dmacleod.  Thanks.  Very informative.  Glad to read that this source of hard cash

to the North Korean regime is apparently drying up.

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