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Japan hits Russia with more sanctions over Ukraine


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Guess the back rooms deals to try and get Putin over and "understand Japan's stance" didn't work. I like how they twisted it hear to say, "Abe decides Putin won't visit". Anyway, this won't hurt Russia much, but Japan can forever kiss the island issue goodbye.

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Timing off, or what?

Japan does just occasionally manage to end up giving the feeling of doing the wrong thing, even though it might have been right a few months back. It's as if the Japanese government is saying: "This is not our gut reaction or anything from the heart, but merely the result of endless political calculation."

Could they not have phrased this, "In line with the protests in Moscow..." or something, to give it freshness?

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no wonder Abe called off meeting with Putin. " welcome to Japan Mr Putin" heres a kick in the n*ts for starters

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Anyway, this won't hurt Russia much, but Japan can forever kiss the island issue goodbye.

Sure this won't hurt Russia much but you're acting as if the "island issue" was ever in Japan's favor.......

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With what Russia's been doing with the Northern Territories lately, it's not like Japan feels magnanimous right now.

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What more can be expected of Honest Abe? He has the backbone of a worm and follows his masters the Americans orders. The only thing he can do to vent is visit shrines and say stupid things.

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This action of Japan will make Russia and China come more closer. With China's support, Russia will never surrender to any kind of sanction from any part or parts, but can make China benefit from the relationship with Russia.

Look at Xi, jinping, the president of China, how smart he is! Even front the dispute terrirory with Inida also, that dispute area is more big than the dispute islet with Japan, but China and India are expecting a better tomorrow now days, we have to confess xi's visit to India is sucessful.

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Why doesn't Japan slap sanctions on China? Oh that's right, they can't and they won't.

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