Japan hopes Hong Kong will keep 'free and open' system


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I think most people, including those in Hong Kong, want the system to remain free and open as well. It's just, sadly, not really up to them anymore. Anyway, I don't think Suga has to worry too much (doesn't seem he's worried one bit about the people's rights, but only about how it might hurt Japan's interests) -- China will abolish all sense of the word 'democracy' in terms of voting, save that they can actually vote for the pre-approved people or not at all, but I doubt they're about to hurt business there.

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On the Index of Economic Freedom 2014 (Hong Kong is number 1) Japan is number 25

"Economic freedom", as in the right to exploit other people and build up a vast fortune whilst surrounded by poverty.

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There is another related breaking new:

Japan hopes Japan will ever have a 'free and open' system: Japan weighed in Friday on the stand-off between government and pro-democracy protesters in Japan, calling for the cpountry’s “free and open” system not to be undermined, in an intervention likely to anger itself.

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Love hong kong way more than beijing

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Japan hopes Hong Kong will keep 'free and open' system

I see.

I wonder if this is the same Japan that is enacting a distinctly unfree and unopen Secrecy law on Dec 10th?


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Well I'll take it. It's not the strongest show of support in history but it's better than the general paucity of support being expressed around the world these days. These students are risking something. Now if I can only get my own students to show a little interest and develop a stronger sense of principle than "case by case." Go HK students! Even if they ultimately lose they're showing their willingness to sacrifice something. They can be proud of that!

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Good luck at expecting the Chinese Communist Party to keep anything "free and open."

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Hong Kong is very populated. From USA, a passpot to Hong Kong, you can visit Sang Hai, Beijing etc. But seems it is in turmoil now, There are Hong Kog scenes in movies. Latesr, Transformer - Age of Extension. It was a beautiful place comapring Beiging abd Nabging

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Too broke to woo for HK. I for one welcome our new Shenzhen overlords.

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Sadly, it appears the Chinese government has its hands full with too many protests from all over and not just with Hong Kong. When there is too much social, economic, and political disparity and heavy handed differential treatment by the government, dissatisfaction and protests are inevitable, especially when communication and transportation technology allows for exchange in thoughts, ideas and material. Today, it takes a fairly well educated population with time and money (or nothing at all) as well as physical, mental and emotional strength to actually stand tall and participate in any protest. Most often it has been the university students that have led such protests. It is interesting to see in the news that this movement involves all ages and from all parts of the society.

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Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga told reporters: Japan hopes Hong Kong will keep 'free and open' .

I hope that if anyone who support HK protesters should get it right and clearly! HK PROTESTERS WANT DEMOCRACY which means people can elect their leader instead of being governed by someone assigned by others ! Today most people regard FREE and OPEN as more of meaning economically than politically. Actually as to economically Free and Open, HK is better than Japan due to survey by Heritage Foundation.

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