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Japan hopes to steer frank G-7 debate on economy, tax evasion: Aso


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No mention, that the global economic recession, might be due to global government debt, which now exceeds over $260 trillion dollars. The US is the largest debtor nation in the history of the world, while Japan has the highest debt to GDP ratio of any industrialized nation at over 260%. No mention that it might be time to consider cutting government to a level where they won't have to borrow from the future and tax people through currency devaluation, ( inflation). No, they want to focus on tax evasion. Yes, with so much debt, they need negative interest rates just to make the payments. Problem is, people will take their money out of the bank and put it in a safe at home. Solution for the bankers: In the name of keeping us safe from money laundering, tax evaders, it's time to outlaw cash!! Yes, force people to keep their hard earned savings in a bank, in digital form, and charge them for it! What better way to tax people without them even knowing it? Then everyone gets a digital chip, like a branded cattle, where all there finances can be seen by their respective masters in government. Round the sheep up, build walls around each avenue of escape, and get them ready for slaughter.

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“With uncertainty over the global economy on the rise, attention will be paid to macro-economic policy, structural reform and measures to deal with tax evasion ...

Perhaps the G7 should take a look at why people are trying to evade taxes, and why the economy is faltering. Perhaps they should consider ways to correct gross government mismanagement of the world's economies, out-of-control spending, and defrauding their taxpayers. The G7 should realize that as long as they are the main cause of the problem, it is unlikely they can be trusted to provide any solutions.

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@Yubaru Well it is his job as host. Though I know not to expect anything but 100% negativity about Abe here.

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Let's all hope that the recent quakes in Kumamoto will be deemed 'massive' enough for a delay.

Using Aso's 'logic', if the tax is raised and then a massive quake hits, will it be reversed ? If such an event is good enough reason for a delay, then it should also qualify as a reason for a reversal.

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“As chair country, I’d like to steer frank discussions on these issues,” he said after arriving in the northeastern city of Sendai for the two-day Group of Seven (G-7) finance leaders’ meeting kicking off on Friday.

Are you sure, born-with-a-silver-spoon-in-his-mouth, YOU should be the one "steering the discussions"?

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