Japan hosts Quad summit seeking unity on countering China

By Sebastian Smith and Sara Hussein

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But that unity is complicated by divisions with India -- the only Quad member that has not condemned Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

The problem with these groups is they try to force other agendas on their members which then breaks it up or turns it into a rubber stamp organization that lacks any credibility. If India doesn't want to condemn Russia that is and should be India's prerogative. It shows they are not just going to rubber stamp a separate issue because the US wants them to. India's concerns lie in Asia not Europe, let Europe and NATO look after their own problems.

Go Albo!

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It’s the right thing to be doing, and with any luck, and probably inevitably, either Russia will back down in Ukraine, or India will choose the right side to be on finally.

I bet your image of 30 years of “QUAD” domination and my image of 30 years of “QUAD” domination are a lot different. And NATO goading Russia into invading Ukraine is definitely connected.

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isn’t Alba ? and the se at the end of his last name is pronounced the same a Japanese se.

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Biden puts China on notice? hahahahahahahahahaha

-6 ( +3 / -9 )

Expected to produce fewer fireworks

Does the author of this article think its funny to play with fire?

I certainly think it's unwise to antagonize China and Russia and North Korea all at the same time.

A recipe for disaster rather than promoting regional security in Asia and Europe.

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China's success is America's biggest nightmare. Asia should side with America.

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Go Quad Go to thwart China!

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There are concerns that he may be using Quad to lead Japan into a war with China. 

China doesn't want to fight and fully understands the challenges of war.

China, the great economic superpower is about as dangerous as the Japanese samurai.

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China, want proof that China is a threat?


if you can’t be bothered it’s a trove of hacked police files from China

it’s actions are woefully below those of any democratic counties.

And the Chinese Government wants everyone to be joyous under their rule. Just try it? Come on! Try it?

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The United States needs a president.

-5 ( +3 / -8 )

All I see is another talkfest. The West in particular loves talking. Very little doing. Until an emergency arises like Ukraine. Wait to the last minute to act.

In Europe, you have a natural affiliation, a common history and a common European identity among many West and East Europeans. So there is some sense of fellowship.

That doesnt exist in this region with the Quad countries.

The only common identity this region shares is really one with Japan, not Australia, the U.S or India. None of which are truly Asian countries.

And that might not be a problem if it wasnt for other issues. Like the money put aside by America and the rest to achieve anything meaningful in the region is an absolute pittance. The money the U.S talked about in its recent meeting with ASEAN was laughably small. Its barely worth mentioning. If you were hoping to see signs the U.S takes the region seriously you would be very disappointed. Again, it was a talkfest.

Also the timelines for projects are far FAR too slow. If the Quad is to remain relevant they have a lot to learn from China when it comes to money, committment and speed. Thats always going to be a problem when you need to coordinate among 4 countries, instead of 1.

Also, what practical achievements have been achieved in this region so far under the Quad? There was talk of working together on vaccine distribution. Did it happen? Infrastructure. Has it happened?

They need to communicate their achievements with the broader public, but I never hear anything about it. Why is that? You'd think they would be promoting that far and wide. Is it because very little has been achieved?

All I hear about is more meetings, more talkfests. Leaders meeting next year in Australia. Another chance to jet about the world, eat 5 star food and take a few nice photos. Looks good on paper. Has no substance.

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Cut diplomatic ties with China. Easy, Fast and effective!

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I certainly think it's unwise to antagonize China and Russia and North Korea all at the same time.

It is even less wise for China, Russia or North Korea to antagonize 30-40 nations, four of which are nuclear powers, all at the same time. Russia has initiated the latest NATO expansion and antagonized Europe and many nations outside Europe with their brutal invasion that was totally unprovoked.

China has been provoking more and more under Jinping's leadership and Kim has returned to his regular provocations of nations in the region.

It is easy to point fingers, but the world grows tired of the narrative thrown out that nations should not antagonize China or Russia. It is they who are doing the antagonizing in their attempts to alter the very same world order that has brought prosperity to China and much of the world over the past decades. China and Russia wish to dominate with their brand of leadership and the free world is not going to get sucked in to allow that to happen. Most prefer freedom to the repression and lies offered by the autocracies.

In the Indo-Pacific and Eastern Asia, the QUAD have shown leadership and resolve to maintain peace and security. They have the right to associate and to make plans for their future, and to invite those with similar ideals to join in any aspect of that planing. Nations that complain about what other free nations do change nothing and simply show themselves to be bankrupt of ideas that promote freedom and prosperity for all.

Lets hope the QUAD can lead the region into a peaceful and stable future for all.

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China will use its biggest weapons... bribery, extortion against Japanese Bureaucrats and Politicians... Money Trap, Honey Trap...

1 ( +4 / -3 )

"Japan hosts Quad summit seeking unity on countering China"

Countering China... this must mean stopping China from bombing innocent people all over the planet and constantly causing provocations with its warships and constantly threatening and economically starving 'disobedient' countries regardless of how small and powerless they really are and militarily occupying Asian and European countries for generations and spending its people's life savings on obsolete weaponry to enrich its Corporations and stockholders and internally encouraging its police to become ever more brutal with its ever growing poor and allowing its infrastructure to rust and fall apart while its witless politicians attack the U.S. who builds Bridges and Roads and Schools in countries all around it and encourages 'trade' over one-way Corporate exploitation...is this what "countering China" means?

China will use its biggest weapons... bribery, extortion against Japanese Bureaucrats and Politicians... Money Trap, Honey Trap...

Who are we condemning and demeaning here, an opportunistic China or, apparently in this opinion, a completely corrupt Japan? But, do let me know when Japan boasts a "K Street" or a Chinese Jeffery Epstein...

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It doesn’t matter. The US knows it can’t sanction China.

China will not invade Taiwan or Okinawa. Keep dreaming MIC.

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U.S. sanctions against China are valuable. The current problem is that the supply chain is tied up in China. But allowing the tie to exist also hurts the American economy. America needs to waste a lot of money in China and disrupt the American order. After the world supply chain is separated from China, the United States will exert pressure and cannibalize China's international business. China is a nationalist country and Taiwan is the most important propaganda part. The presence of the U.S. military here will increase China's defense spending and will waste a lot of China's stability maintenance costs. The ccp needs to get money from companies and will eventually weaken Chinese companies. The value of the supply chain is no greater than the best interests of the United States.

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This is unacceptable and unfair to China.

-1 ( +2 / -3 )

This is unacceptable and unfair to China.

This is very acceptable and completely fair to everyone. China has only itself to blame for the way others react to its belligerence and despotic nature.

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China’s sword is not its military. The military is for self-defense and they have claimed responsibility for the USS Connecticut. The US still doesn’t know what hit it and the explanation is laughable: we hit some rocks.

China’s real weapon will be used in an economic war. The example is with Australia. They are aware of the leverage they possess. All that will be gone if there is war.

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It is perfectly acceptable for this group of 4 to sit around the table and discuss the elephant in the room - everyone in the world should worry about China's obsession with aggressive expansionism. If these tendencies are allowed to proceed, we've learned nothing from the lessons of history, which have clearly shown us that empire-building or colonialism doesn't work, is a thing from the past, and should be avoided at all costs in the future.

Their sinister Belt-and-Road policies serve to enslave the nations on which China inflicts this modern colonial attitude - say what you like, but the Aussies and New Zealanders were asleep at the wheel when the deceitful Chinese sneaked into the Solomon Islands and got them to sign their special secret deal; now their Foreign Minister is calling by this week to tidy up the details for the new deep-water harbours for their warships and surveillance-ships to drop in, and the extended runways constructed into the ocean for the military aircraft, plus to check-out 4 or 5 other candidate-islands which they think need Chinese 'assistance'.

China's a very big country which needs fixing first before they continue with more land-grabs - 90% of its population live at basic subsistence level, there is ruthless repression of any dissent whatsoever, the 93 million members of the CCP spy and eavesdrop on the rest of the 1.3 billion population, China currently has 11 separate international disputes throughout the region, and as for quality of life issues, take a look at Chongqing with its' 150-plus grey tower-blocks each of which house over one thousand people, living in a constant smog.

China needs to sort its' own backyard out first before it starts dictating the new world order it so desperately seeks.

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I sincerely doubt the Pacific nations will forget the imperial army atrocities or the USA nuclear testing or the Australia nuclear tests.

China is a bit pushy and greedy but however no where near as volatile and lethal to those Pacific nations that the quad seeks to strengthen itself with.

India is doing a delicate balancing act but i wouldn't be surprised if they bailed out of the quad.

Don't mention Ukraine by mentioning Ukraine and Don't mention Taiwan because Russia and China may get irked !

Oops ! Too late !

No need to stay awake because the whole meeting is just a joke anyway !

And China isn't dictating a new world order because it doesn't have to .

Look around you .

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Are you aware that Russia is 77% Asian country and also Saudi Arabia is Asia.

Perhaps a closer examination of who are the greatest resource holders of the Asian continent might shed some light.

Its not Japan that's for sure

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So many commenters think Russia is Europe but cant see the bigger picture.

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