Japan hosts women-focused conference


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Abe doing his performance again. All for show. Lambasting the corporate culture eh? What about the attitude toward women in the national and local governments? This guys makes me sick...

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If Abe is a man of his word, why doesn't he do something more about the sexist hecklers in his own government?

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Lets hope the "liberation" of Japanese women doesn't go down the path of America or other western countries

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Japan has one of the lowest rates of female workforce participation in the developed world

And as just one prime example of Japan's low female workplace participation, the picture posted on JT yesterday showing a a meeting of cabinet ministers at Abe’s official residence — not a woman in the room.


If Abe really wants to increase workforce participation, he should probably set a better example.

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"But a lack of childcare facilities, poor career support and deeply entrenched sexism are blamed for keeping women at home."

Which is why you have to have legislation to back up all your words, Abe-san, cuz talk is cheap.

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Lets hope the "liberation" of Japanese women doesn't go down the path of America or other western countries

What does that mean? That Merkel should not be the leader of Germany. Or that Hillary not be the USA next President? Maybe you mean women should stay barefoot and in the kitchen?

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Did Abe mention in his speech that he is a member of Nippon Kaigi, which vehemently opposes gender equality, including the right for married couples to hold separate surnames?

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What's wrong with women staying home? If women want to stay home, let them stay home. The State shouldn't be trying to rig these choices. The problem with Japan is that it's not having enough children. You can't solve that problem except by families having more children. It's that basic.

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During his speech, Abe also lambasted the country’s corporate culture that endorsed “male-centered long working hours.”

What a hypocrite. Just yesterday the "Picture of the day" here on JT was Abe presiding over a meeting of about 12 men, NO WOMEN, on the plans for the new Olympic stadium. (Which I made note of. How ironic.) Typical Japanese politician, do as I say, not as I do.

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After the speech abe was quoted as saying now poor me a beer and get cleaning woman!

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"Liberation for women, that's what I preach. Preacher man."

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"Abe is the first J-prime minister who has talked about empowering women ".

Indeed, Unfortunately so far that's all he has done...just talk about it, oh yes and of course set some pie in the sky imaginary target of women in 30 % of leadership positions by 2020. Naturally without any explanation of concrete steps to get there. Keep dreaming.

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Japan hosts women-focused conference

Highly ironic.

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