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Abe, Modi agree to step up defense, economic ties

By Mari Yamaguchi

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This is what Abe truly wants, increasing arms and munition sales to boost the economy here at home.

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Loooove this headline too. After yesterday’s “We are now close to China” we now run away from it citing our concerns over its “growing presence in the region”.

Maybe the media should more accurately report that Abe is out signing big money deals as that is his real hold on power.

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Two Great leaders of two great Nations. Really promising to hear about this Summit. PRC will not like this!

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India is an important country, in fact, India is already pass Japan as the third world economic nation, based on PPP. However, to say that "Relations between Japan and India have the biggest potential in the world," is dishonest, no one would believe it, unless one is a simpleton.

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For making rapid progress , it is essential that a country should be very strong otherwise it will be overpowered in the long run by a stronger country. SO Japan must become a strong vibrant country to that others may not take an undue advantage of its weakness. Relations between Japan and India have enormous potential in all spheres of their economies as opportunities are scattered in every field waiting to be grasped at an early opportunity.

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Great to see India and Japan getting along. Very important for peace in Asia and obviously its true that there is tremendous potential in the relationship and no issues over territory etc. From an Australian point of view, we are very happy to see it.

Abe is certainly very busy these days. I can't recall a Japanese PM being so active in the international arena in a long time.

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I’m looking forward to Japan opening its doors to the many Indians that need work and the chance to make a better life.....

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