Japan, India seek early agreement on civil nuclear pact


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Japan has allocated alot of the recently printed Yen into boosting "business aid" to countries that will accept its nuclear technology. Of course its not going to be a smooth ride no matter how many anti nuclear activists the Indian government condones the killing off, imo Google this Anti nuke propaganda advisory but with no swearing :)

NUCLEAR GANDHI – International nonviolent protests of proposed Japan–India nuclear deal


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India holds the largest known reserves of Thorium - Will the Japanese reactors be able to accommodate this fuel? If not: How will they ever compete with the Chinese reactors that do and at 99% efficiency? Debut for Chinese Thorium LFTR styled reactors is 2017 - you see you-tube that makes this declaration? Who can guarantee a supply of Uranium for the enrichment process for conventional reactors? Possibly only an American influenced Canada?

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Is there nothing Abe won't do to make a buck? This is like selling guns to kids!

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Great news. Japan and India have a chance to create a win win partnerships for both sides.

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"A civil nuclear energy pact with India would give Japanese nuclear technology firms such as Toshiba Corp and Hitachi Ltd access to India’s fast-growing market when they search for opportunities overseas to offset an anti-nuclear backlash at home in response to the Fukushima radiation crisis."

This is a smart move, this is exactly what Japan is desperate for in current state of affair and there is no other country around the region where they can go and do this. For India it is a great opportunity to be at the receiving end of the technological inflow which is reap benefits for India`s quest for energy.

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Why is this a good thing? Japan has just recently suffered the second worst nuclear disaster in history and now they are gonna peddle this poison to an undeveloped country? The are 'pimping' nuclear power just to make money! Yeah, India has energy problems, but nuclear power is not their answer?

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The are 'pimping' nuclear power just to make money! Yeah, India has energy problems, but nuclear power is not their answer?

ture and even without nuclear power energy India has toppled Japan and is now world's 3rd largest economy. source OECD economic outlook report.

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Innovaton should not be restrcted by politics. Japan can certainly manage it. India can dream it.

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I hope Any Japanese Plant In India Is Built on Stable Ground not affected by Earth tremors or floods both of which has caused problems in Japan .Their is also the problem of faulty construction in the area of retention of heavy water From the cooling of reactors and of course the alleged big rats damaging wiring. Following this is the problem of spent material in the wrong hands it can be used in dirty bombs and a new Nuclear state ,s Atomic programme. The final problem do they have a place that they can burry their waste material for an extremely long time without escaping . ............................Please comment all............................

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