Japan, India to discuss military plane sales

By Kyoko Hasegawa

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Interesting. I had no idea that they still make flying boats... thought that was a thing of WW2.

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These Japanese flying boats are classed as the best of what is available in the world. They had a very interesting program on TV about the US-2 not long ago.

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So, disabling (or removing) the fire control makes it export worthy? Okay, I suppose so. It didn't seem to be anymore of a tactical weapon system than a Sea King rescue helicopter.

The US-2 doesn't have tactical weapons system in the first place. It's was caught up in the muck of being labeled a military equipment do to bureaucratic paper work when it was originally ordered by JSDF. The application of this vessel would be search & rescue, and forest fire fighting.

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Buying two amphibious plane does not make a strong alliance.

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Buying two amphibious plane does not make a strong alliance.

No, but this sure does.


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Not 2, but 15 over and above that.. producing US2 in India on a joint collaboration with Japan would bring down the cost by 1/3rd due to availability of composite material at lower cost..

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Chinese newspaper has called Japanese Govt, "petty thieves" for contemplating military alliance with India. Meanwhile, they are helping to upgrade Pakistani military and defense establishments!!!

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China will call names at any country that does not meet its agenda. Other than the above military collaboration Japan is giving a hell of a lot of ODA to India, the two countries are enjoying very good ties recently.

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Mitsubishi makes a variety of airplanes. There are many airplane makers in Japan. Not only civilian uses but also military use planes because many countries order. There are plenty sales to private (rich) people, too. India is not first one. France had to ally with Japanese makers to get their variety of planes, Some countries do not have plane makers. Many of these companies specialize in corporation planes. Many of them have contract with Boeing for different plane parts. Then there are companies make components for these part companies. Mitsubishi's Regional Jets are hot sales. Kawasaki Aeronautics has been profitable, too.

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