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Japan, India to step up security, economic cooperation


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<>Congrastulation India Country.

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Leny Sato

<>Congrastulation India Country

.YES !!!! And Kudos to Abe !!! . . .It will benefit BOTH countries . . . .This is the wave of the future - - democracies working together to build their economies. . . Not the stalemate of digging up past hates and transgression . . . . . The Western world media - Eu, NA - have run this news a lot bc it consolidates their core orientation too

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Good news for peace and the world. Not so good news for fascist China.

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I'm hoping to see good things from Modi. There's not been a lot of good news regarding India lately: corruption, gang rape, squandering of international aid money, shocking pollution and environmental conditions. I'm looking forward to seeing him deliver on his promises, and I think forming closer ties with Japan will help to that end.

China must be getting worried though, what with India looking to defend against them. India and China are very similar in terms of population size. Having 1.3 billion people opposing you is quite daunting, especially when you factor in other Asian countries that stand against China's violence and expansionism. I see nothing but good news in this article. A nice change. Most articles I read these days have a pinch of salt to them.

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The recent visit of Indian PM has rekindled the Oriental Linkage of Gyan ( Sanskrit word meaning Absolute Knowledge) with Japanese ZEN. Oriental culture has deep rooted association with Sun. We in India have learnt Japan as the First Country on this mother Earth which receives Ist Ray of Sun.

Sun depicts Absolute Knowledge in Indian Scriptures which is beyond sensory perceptions.

Till 1750 India was the Economic Super Power of the Globe with highest per capita income. We lost track and uprooted from our divine culture prior to and after onset of Occidental blows.

Compliments to Japan for preserving Oriental Culture as well as assimilating Occidental / Modern breeze.

Today due to reunion of Two Great Powers of Asia , let us hope to Drive the Geo-Polity once again on the Glorious Track of Peace and Development -both in outside world and within our inside bosom .

The young India ( average age below 30 ) have the potential to led the world . Let us march ahead on the Spiritual as well as Material Track of our respective world with pointer towards "SUN".

Once pl. accept India's Compliments for extending warm welcome to our PM.

with regards,


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It is very important cooperation between india and Japan very good for Asia. Because China doing war like situation in South China sea and neighbours country it is danger for India and Japan, China forcefully capture india 55000sq km land in 1961 war(arunachal pradesh and kashmir, asam state) and also capture Japan island.

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Good news for peace and the world. Not so good news for fascist China.

Caught in a pincer.

-2 ( +4 / -6 )

i am indian and i love japan after india and israel.because these two countries have been sincere to india all the time.we have the same opponent.china the dracula of democracy.they are waiting for the blood of decocratic countries.stand together against this enemy and it will help bothe countries to become the world economic power also.

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It is so unrealistic that Japan sends its troops to India for defense of India.

Due to long standing Japanese defense policy that its Self Defense Force operates within its territory and surrounding area, Japan lacks capability to send its troops far from homeland. Japan does not have any aircraft carrier that would provide air cover for its troops and ships overseas. Japanese fighter jets do not have the function to fly long distance, so as not to be threat to neighboring countries. The defense operation is specialized in air-field based air sea battle that denies approach by enemy air planes and ships to our islands.

I do not think JSDF would be any help to India. Or is Abe trying to change the defense policy and buy offensive military equipments that would enable JSDF to operate far from homeland?

-3 ( +3 / -6 )

This is good news! I like that.

4 ( +4 / -0 )

CH3CHOSep. 02, 2014 - 06:19PM JST It is so unrealistic that Japan sends its troops to India for defense of India.

Send troops? The JMSDF has already operated in the Indian Ocean. and has worked with the Indian Navy off Somalia as well. I think you're confusing the ability to operate far from home waters with the ability to conduct a full scale invasion.

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Nice news for Japan and India. Diplomatically, Industrial growth, and many more.

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very good thing brewing with india and japan ====

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OssanAmericaSep. 02, 2014 - 08:39PM JST

The JMSDF has already operated in the Indian Ocean.

The "operation" is just to supply oil to other ships. I think the Japanese government argued it was not military operation.

has worked with the Indian Navy off Somalia as well.

Again, it was not a military operation, but was a police operation against local pirates. JSDF did not shoot even one bullet during the two operations.

JSDF does not have the capability and equipment to fight against enemy far from Japan, such as in India.

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Nope since JSDF is participating on a ongoing mission to patrol the waters against pirates. Multiple JMSDF escort ships(read destroyers) have been sent to patrol those waters.

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SamuraiBlueSep. 03, 2014 - 09:36AM JST

Multiple JMSDF escort ships(read destroyers) have been sent to patrol those waters.

Yes, they are floating there without air cover like so many ducks.

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Who do they need air cover from? China starting its war now? Let's see what mobile air cover China can supply to India... oh right... they don't have any.

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scipantheistSep. 03, 2014 - 02:17PM JST

Who do they need air cover from?

We are talking about a hypothetical situation in which India is invaded by some country. I am sure the defense team needs air cover from the invading country.

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The new level of economic co-operation between Japan and India never seen before could take the two countries to a higher level which could even enable them to replace the current top two economic powers in the world!

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I am pretty sure a JMSDF AAW destroyer like the Akizuki class can handle herself against a rust bucket poor excuse the PLAN calls an aircraft carrier.Sending a Kongo class or a Atago class would be considered an over kill,

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Modi is big mouth and dream seller he show big dream to india won election and become pm about bullet train .smart city .india will be just like japan. i agree he will start bullet train what about security .protection cleanness ,i live in japan long time .according to me india can effort to start bullet train but can not manage like japan or china ,in india train accident is normal thing .in year tow accident happen first ,INDIAN PRIM MINISTER HAS TO WORK ON JOB SECURITY RULE AND REGULATION .CURAPTION ETC .THIS IS MY OPINION MAY BE I AM WRONG SUNNY

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