Japan industry minister adds role as 'Green Transformation' minister

By Kantaro Komiya

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Doing something means not 100% doing nothing

True story

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2050 is ridiculously too late, a copout, too far away . Like waiting for all the interfering oyagi to die off. Very cynical when action can be done today.

Just ban all the excess and individual item plastic wrapping. Turn off excess lighting. Replace kerosene heaters. Add solar panels. End nuclear.

Done. Super easy, barely an inconvenience

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Carbon and oil are for thirdworldish conservative medievals..

The new Russia/China/Iran imperium taking the reins of the fossil economy will do whatever they can to return to medieval days, see Russia,China/Iran in Ukraine today, for one example. Look for more invasions and sieges by the new imperium ahead. Yes what-abouters I am well aware of the history of the US/UK/NATO/ West and have been repulsed by the many invasions and occupations so the ruling caste in those places can live in luxury while the rest of us breathe their exhaust fumes. Just as I'm repulsed by what is going on in Syria, Ukraine, Libya and elsewhere. The current and historical wrongs of the west in my opinion do not make the wrongs of Russia etal acceptable.

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Hagiuda the Hulk - the green transformation minister of Japan.

Don't make him angry

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grows wild in hokkaido and Okinawa

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The Bruce Banner of Japanese politics.

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Look at Ontario’s success and Germany’s failure then decide the correct path.

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Affiliated to the nationalist lobby Nippon Kaigi, Hagiuda is known as a conservative within the LDP, and is closely allied with former Prime Ministers Shinzō Abe and Yoshiro Mori.

That explains it all.

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Haguida is a Transformer?

If so, who are the Decipticons?

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If you want to Go Green, might I suggest allowing Cannabis to be grown once again.

I think 70 years in Japan without it is more than enough.

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His hair does look a little green perhaps he's turning in to a frog or a goblin

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Achieve carbon neutrality by 2050

Meanwhile Japan is still using incinerating tower's to burn household waste in residential area's and dumping biohazards into the ocean.

Japan isn't environmentally friendly.

Soon the LDP will impose a new environmental tax on all Japanese and residents.

They got green and blue all mixed up .

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Impossible dream...

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In further news, I have just announced my role as Japan's most eligible bachelor.

And His Holiness Pope Benedict has announced himself as World's greatest Atheist, while Yogi Bear declares he does not now or ever has, used the woods for his daily evacuation.

What a load of nonsense.

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That's a really good joke.

I need to write it down.

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Most solar panels, batteries and other "renewable and eco-friendly" products in Japan are from China who are making them with lots of fossil fuels at home :( Japan's green subsidy only benefits China's polluting industry.

Some Japanese local authorities installed solar panels in wider areas by eliminating trees/plants and wild animals living there. What a green project! Worse, such lands also tend to become vulnerable, causing landslides after heavy rains. Note that implementing safety measures and scrapping spent panels are very costly.

太陽光発電が集まる町、土砂崩れ相次ぐ 安全設備造らぬ業者に指導も


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The Japanese sorely love to present image over substance.

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Japan moving forward..

Carbon and oil are for thirdworldish conservative medievals..


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Same day as the news of Kishida planning a visit to ME to beg them for cheaper oil. Goals and commitments which are never meant to be reached are good to subdue the public in the meantime.

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.....and he went to Sydney how? (⌒▽⌒). had his airliner painted green perhaps? wore a green tie?

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