Japan industry minister says he is reviewing finances amid funds scandal


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Tokyo prosecutors are looking to investigate lawmakers after this session of parliament ends on Wednesday, media reported

Shouldn’t they investigate right now to avoid any sudden « information loss » from the politicians

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"I am closely examining my own political financing report, and would like to provide a thorough explanation at the appropriate time," Nishimura said.

It would be educational to know who (or what companies) actually bought those dummy party tickets.

Unfortunately, in Japan, that information is not released.

For privacy, reasons. LOL

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Corrupt LDP leaders? I’m shocked!

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'I would like enough time to funnel off my misgotten gains into an offshore account '.

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This new scandal is just another reason why the LDP must not be allowed to maintain a monopoly on power in Japan. Active voters: please stop blindly supporting LDP candidates! Inactive potential voters: please vote!

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Japan's Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Yasutoshi Nishimura, his weasel worded fork tongued arrogant untrustworthy inability to distinguish any distinction between what is honest or dishonest.

A off the books political slush fund, brazen in its contempt for the trust of the electorate that voted this unprincipled charlatan into office

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"We have investigated ourselves and found no wrongdoing" incoming.

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That’s how it works in Japan

There is carte blanche to do almost anything without fear of any penalty other than resignation or a cut in salary…

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Wow!!! Reviewing his own corruption, and we already know how deep that fact finding review will go.....................Oh wait, he is at the bottom of it, surprise surprise.

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