Young LDP lawmakers reaffirm peace, stability important in Taiwan Strait


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Another GW junket.

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Amid Russia's ongoing aggression on Ukraine, some defense experts fear the war could embolden China to attack Taiwan,

VERY doubtful seeing how things are turning out for Russia. Doubt that China wants to go that route.

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I agree, peace and stability in the TS is important. But that's difficult with American troops and weapons surrounding the whole region, 1000s and 1000s of miles away from home.

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A rater stale article regurgitating what has been said many times before.

Where is the forethought? Is there any foresight? Same old myopic perspective..

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describing Taiwan and Japan as "two countries" geographically close to each other.

Interesting to see the CCP response about Japanese politicians openly calling Taiwan a country.

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Rename and rebrand NATO and invite Japan, ROK, ROC, Australia, and NZ. The liberal Democracies of the world need to band together. Freedom isn’t free.

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