Japan links Australian submarine bid to regional security


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Another hawk + hawk love-in.

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"For Australia, cooperating with Japan—whose Soryu is widely seen as the best submarine of its type -— risks angering its biggest trading partner China."

But hey, Japan's not pushing its own culture/products on anyone, and is the ideal 'partner for Asia', right?

"Nakatani said Japan would try to maximise the participation of Australian companies."

Sorry, Gen, but I believe Japan already made it quite clear that "Australia is not smart enough to make subs domestically". Remember that little gaffe? You're "We'll try to let you guys in on it" is just lip-service, and they know it. So, get Abe's "We're disappointed" speech ready, cause the contract is likely to go to France or Germany, where they know about diplomacy and dealings a little better.

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Wouldn't it be ironic if Japan gets the contract and then the subs are used to sink those bloody whaling ships in the Australian Antarctic economic zone and the Ross sea whale sanctuary.

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It is interesting that Australia has accepted and announced "cooperative" effort to work with Japan relating to "military" arms, which a submarine is. Whether they "sign" with Germany, France or even the USA, the fact that Australia has by the announcement, "confirmed" its "alliance" with Japan in Asia and the Pacific.

That has a major impact on how the world views Japan and Australia.

That also impacts the position of China and Russia in the eyes of the rest of world. That impacts all Asian and Pacific nations from India to Polynesia. It also sends all an interesting "warning" about the possible threat or threats in Asia and the Pacific.

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But hey, Japan's not pushing its own culture/products on anyone, and is the ideal 'partner for Asia', right?

I'm sorry, but trying to sell/win a submarine contract isn't exactly pushing anything on anyone, anymore than Sony is by trying to sell its electronics to the world. And last I checked, Australia isn't in Asia.

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In any politics, personal or world-wide, what is said or done openly, may not be as significant as what was NOT said and what was Not done in the open. In what was said the rhetoric and what it "implies" sends messages beyond simple words.

When what was said and the action match and have actual physically verifiable results... that is of major significance.

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Soon there will come a time where China and Russia will start to dominate and dictate what goes on in Asia. Australia and Japan along with SK and US must start building strong security packs to prevent China and Russia running amok in the region. This submarine procurement should be a 'no brainer' if Aussies have any intelligence they have to buy only from Japan and Japan must not pull a fast one over and sincerely cooperate and share everything.

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Australia's military has always been a cash cow with staggering blowouts in funding. Labour pushed a homebuilt line but Labour has zero political power under Bill Shorten. The Collins subs didn't exactly show cutting edge technology. We should be buying Japanese trains and Japanese subs. But Australia may throw the deal France's way in some post-Paris solidarity move. The Germans have been presenting a deal that may satisfy both sides of Australian politics by employing Australians to build. I just hope the money isn't squandered as it has been in the past.

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Japan have to offer Soryu to be built in Australia in order to compete against German and French bidders but building in Australia can become another potential disaster. Collins sub program was a big failure only because it was built in Australia. If it was left to be built in Sweden it would not suffer the bad reputation it does today. Australians weren't ready back then and they ASC (Australia Shipbuilding Co.) is still not ready to take on this task of building the sub in-house, it has a potential to become another Collins disaster that may wreck the reputation of a great sub as Soryu.

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