Japan, Lithuania vow cooperation to stop Russian invasion of Ukraine


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Two paper weights

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Two flies crashing against a bull.

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Lithuania have really great impact,irony off.

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This is laughable

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The 1.1 % of Russian imports that are sanctioned by Japan must be killing the Russian economy... :)

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I expect to see an article in the next days indicating this has caused Putin to think again about his unlawful invasion.

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Countries unwilling to fight to save themselves will not survive.

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Lol, how do they plan to do that

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Yes, that’s funny, like two toddlers versus a Yokozuna.

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Yes two countries without massive influence over Russia. But what's important is they have jointly gone on record against the illegal Russian invasion of Ukraine. Putting them in the same camp as the EU and US. Neither of which are "toddlers" as proven by their ability to rain on Putin's parade. Peanut gallery comments merely expose shallow thinking. Or the absence thereof.

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LOL all you want but saying nothing means you are already defeated, saying something means something total silence equals defeat in this case.

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which parade has been rained on?

The three-day parade that was going to rid Kyiv of its ‘Nazis’ and ‘drug addicts’, demilitarize the country and stop the expansion of NATO.

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which parade has been rained on?

The one where Putin took Ukraine quickly and easy, without having over 30,000 of his Russian troops get killed. The one where Russia didn't have egg on its face for being an invader. The one where Russia didn't try to expand their boundaries towards NATO boundaries, thereby provoking NATO into WWIII.

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kaimycahl, what on earth are you trying to say?

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Yes two countries without massive influence over Russia.

In the Russian mind Lithuania is very important. In fact just yesterday the Duma began debate on revoking the 1991 Soviet grant of independence to Lithuania. Like Ukraine, Latvia and Estonia, Vladimir Putin and his allies do not consider Lithuania to be a legitimate country but rather a natural part of Russia. If they succeed taking Ukraine by force, Lithuania along with the other two Baltic states and Moldava would be next. That Lithuania is advocating for the harshest possible sanctions against Russia, more than other EU nations advocate, only inflames the Russians further. You may see Lithuania as an insignificant speck but to the Russians they are light a bright red oozing abscess throbbing away.

Japan has economic clout. Russia only wishes it had Japan's economy and individual wealth. Russians are poorer per-capita than Mexicans. Russians drive mostly Japanese cars and use Japanese brand home electronics and appliances. Russians don't have any brands of their own.

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