Gov't eyes ¥20 tril in aid to promote investment in green energy sector


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"We will swiftly secure the funds and show our commitment to attract long-term investment from the private sector," the premier said.

Instead of coming up with laws that give incentives to buy, place and install panels on the millions of hectares of empty roof space in Japan, Kishida makes it a gravy chain where money can be siphoned off along the way…

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Efforts on decarbonization are becoming increasingly vital as Japan, like many other countries, is looking to reduce reliance on coal and oil from Russia as part of sanctions over its invasion of Ukraine.

As usual everyone can smell what the LDP is cooking and it smells like pork.

Normally efforts to address the climate and environment are a positive but how will these subsidies to green industries jibe with the all the announcements of ballooning subsidies to oil wholesalers?

There is no plan with the LDP, just kickbacks to cronies from the human resources of Japanese worker's labor and the taxes they pay.

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This great news. Finally I can read something positive in the morning.

but as an armchair pessimist, I have to acknowledge the fact that green energy requires resources from China and Russia…

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That the Japanese government has set a goal for anything 28 years from now is just virtue signaling.

Japan has claimed it would get its fiscal house in order for the last 20 years as well, and we know how that has worked out - constantly pushed back, time and time again.

My private sector funds won’t be touching Japanese government sponsored projects with a barge pole, either.

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Yes that's how the Jpn government and their US cronies operate here 24/7.

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when can I see the money in my pocket before kishida took it???

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Meanwhile all over Japan they continue to burn household waste incinerator tower's in residential areas that produce alot of carbon and cause respiratory illnesses and lower the pregnancy rates.

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