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Japan lower house OKs bill to stop Unification Church moving assets


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First the U.C, then J.W and then the rest of the religious organizations. Close them down or at least tax them.

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Why ain't all the church assets frozen already?

Why is the legislative branch doing the judicial branch's work?

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Sufferers have criticized that this watered-down bill is just pretense of ruling parties who actually want to defend Unification Church.

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It will be sent next to the House of Councillors, or upper house, paving the way for its passage by the end of the current parliament session through Dec 13.

Dear LDP:

UC: Thanks for giving us that deadline. We will make sure all our transfers are completed by then.

Warm regards

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Why not just bankrupted that U.C., levy all their assets and arrested all their assets? The LDP is still hiding them !

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