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Japan may delay process for picking casino host cities, media report


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No doubt they are extremely angry that people got caught doing what they do every single day here, and now they have to postpone for a week or so what they wanted done yesterday. And I love how they are trying to paint this as a way to save society when it will put much of what's left of society into a huge immoral soup, with people allowed to spend all their savings. Crime will go up, as will poverty, but few politicians will line their pockets.

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Hamstrung by a shrinking economy, population and tax base, Japan is pushing to boost tourism through "integrated resorts" - Las Vegas-style complexes that include casinos, shopping arcades and conference centers. Some analysts say the casino market could be worth $20 billion or more annually.

They really need to pull their finger out of that pie in the sky and wake up from their pipe dream. Japan is not Los Vegas nor is it Macau. Los Vegas is a gambling Mecca with hundreds of casino resorts. Macau has beautiful beaches and the weather to back it up. What does Japan have? A failing economy and a desperate need for foreigner's money. The disadvantages of the shrinking economy, population and tax base are the exact reasons people will not come to a Japanese casino resort for fear of getting totally ripped off by yet another corrupted system in Japan. They haven't even decided on which cities or how many casinos and there is already one joker been arrested and half a dozen others involved in bribery scandals.

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Bad idea but some off shore inhabited island turned into a casino resort limiting the access.

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Macau has beautiful beaches and the weather to back it up

The very thing that makes me worried that even if the people say no, Abe & Company will force it on to the Okinawan people!

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Actually I have never heard anyone say they are going somewhere because of an "intergrated" resort. Particularly one where locals are charged an entrance fee, and limited to a set number of visits a month. The process is obviously as corrupt as the outcome. Bright idea. Postpone it as long as you want, but once they get some cash in their hands it will be as on as butter on toast.

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Great, how about we postpone the whole thing until never.

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Gaming cause lots of problems. Look at the problems, it had already caused. Better to stop everything before big trouble really starts. Concentrate on clean fun and tourist attraction like original food and Japanese made real issues.

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The government has authorised licenses to build three integrated resorts and is expected to officially receive bids from interested localities in 2021.

The code is: They want MORE and BIGGER bids. Stuff your envelopes...take a bet.

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As if addiction to gambling isn't already a problem.

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Why does Japan need casino when Japan already got Pachinko....

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Actually I have never heard anyone say they are going somewhere because of an "intergrated" resort.

The term IR is being tossed about because Abe doesnt want people thinking about casinos! If you pound the word "IR" or resort often enough, people will just think its another hotel!

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They have attempted to make these casinos exclusive to foreigners only by putting a hefty monthly surcharge and limiting visits for Japan residents. This is going to have a very negative backlash and will contribute to gambling addiction, not detract from it. Gamblers will gamble regards of the restrictions. The surcharge and limited visits will put more pressure on them to get a win to recover their admission fee and to make the most of their visit. It’s almost as if they think the 2 million odd foreign visitors yearly are all addicted gamblers. Very few people with money and an urge to gamble will come to Japan just to gamble. If they have the money and the desire they will go to Macau. Or, a few ‘might’ come to Japan once just for the experience. I personally can’t see these casinos turning over 2 billion bucks a year. I think they’ll be lucky to turn 2 million bucks a year and will be operating in the red from day one.

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The Japanese government is considering delaying the process for selecting casino host cities amid a bribery scandal

That's good news. But not only delay but they should scrap the whole project including the recently enacted law that removes the ban on casinos. The government must realize how casinos will play havoc with local economy contrary to what it expects. Here is a good read to understand the real picture of casinos, aka IR.

Harbor Business Online: (「日本にカジノは要らない...」"Japan doesn't need casinos..." )

The gist of it is Abe sold Japan to the foreign casino tycoons. Pro-casino lawmakers only danced to the tune of promotion the casino industry played.  A deja vu playwright concerned with U.S. bases.

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For one of two reasons:

1) We'll postpone it for a while to wait for the fuss to die down a bit then carry on. We don't want people looking any deeper into the issue in case they discover anything else . . . .

2) Introduce uncertainty and it gives the lobbyists with the big brown envelopes plenty of time to visit their local politician to ahem encourage them to think along similar lines.

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I hope the city I live in isn't picked. It's bad enough as it is with the pachinko parlors.

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Just until Abe's scandals settle down.

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