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Nagoya mayor who bit Olympian's gold medal offers to take 3-month pay cut


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Seems some here really like to punish people and make the grovel, over and over again.

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This is why sone Japanese don’t apologize. If you do there is no end to demands and they’ll bully you until you resign.

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It was still a good joke...and I think he should be allowed to have the medal he dentographed so casually. He's OFFERED to pay ¥1.5Meg for it...several times its value in the metals used, but a priceless memento of his political career...however his political views may be judged.

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I live in Ottawa, Canada — this made the news here. He should resign..

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Dude, just drop it.

Why keep pointing attention to it.

Just let people forget it and move on.

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Genuine question, what does he actually do as mayor? Is it just a ceremonial role or does it involve him making high powered decisions that shape the future of the city?

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Still not enough? So what more do you want from him?

Goto's gold medal will be exchanged for a new one, with costs to be shouldered by the International Olympic Committee

How about he pays for the replacement?

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Goto's gold medal will be exchanged for a new one, with costs to be shouldered by the International Olympic Committee, according to the organizing committee of the Tokyo Games.

This is actually kind of amusing. Kawamura is so revolting that just cleaning the medal off won't suffice, they have to make a whole new gold medal for her.

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He apologized and now 3 months cut pay plus Olympian getting a new gold. Still not enough? So what more do you want from him? If suppose, there were your favourite celebrity doing dumb like he did, you'd all just make it funny and even get more impressed but as this guy is unattractive old fart, you still not satisfied with his apology?

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Japanese voters elect the candidates that they deserve, just like any other democracy.

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Mr Mayor. Good start. Since you really like serving Nagoya people so much, put your money where your mou... Lose the salary. Do it for Free.

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this clown making the news again? media needs to stop giving him attention and maybe then he'll stop his childish acts...

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Are they going to give him the medal he slobbered all over??? ;)

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Dinousaur with the demeanor of a village hillbilly thinking that using the Nagoya dialect will make everything funnier and more forgiving.

A 3 month pay cut? I am surprised. He'll probably be eating dry bread and grass now... Or also be seen less in one particular business in Sakae... Not!

However, it's only a matter of time before he does something again, as is such an unwritten rule. Either he does something, or he makes an insensitive or careless comment.

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I could care less about that retarded gold medal. What annoys me are his inappropriate sexual remarks which go unpunished. That should be more than enough reason to resign and even face prosecution.

And this...

Kawamura, however, ruled out resigning, saying he "wants to continue serving the citizens of Nagoya."

That's not your decision to make. Let the people decide that, you CLOWN.

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I'm sure for him, that's a spit in the bucket.

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I have to say that I actually support this kind of practice. Sure, 1.5 million is pocket change to someone in his position, and it's very likely entirely performative, but in the UK it's not uncommon to see CEOs award themselves colossal bonuses for losing their shareholders vast amounts of money.

At the very least, the mayor is admitting to a mistake and making a gesture of responsibility.

He's still a grade A twit though.

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"I feel morally responsible,"

Huh? How is this possible? You have to have them in the first place!

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Omg, why is he so dumb, that gold piece he bit isn't even worth that much. She's getting a new one real soon.

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Good. And afterwards design, if you please... I bet the replacement costs are minimal, as they have spares made, which will have to be discarded after a while.

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