Nagoya mayor who bit Olympian's gold medal tests positive for COVID


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Maybe while he’s in hospital for his next test, he can get help for his biting condition?

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Stoopid moron.

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He isn't great but at least he isn't LDP!!!

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People hate on this guy too much. He literally saved my life a few years ago. I was visiting Nagoya City Hall on a cultural exchange program and there was some construction or repair work going on. One of the scaffolding ladders fell, but I was on my phone and did not notice. Mayor Kawamura happened to be coming down the hall with some of his staff, heard the workmen shouting. He noticed my complete lack of situational awareness, grabbed me and pulled me back under the covered area just before the ladder came crashing down.

Cut the guy some slack.

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I guess that is what he gets for trying to "Be Funny". This is a good punishment for his actions and disrespect.

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Lots of people doing thumbs down for anyone offering a degree of sympathy for him. Yeah, alright, he shouldn’t have bit the medal. What a tit. But FFS get over it, he’s a human being and nobody should suffer this evil virus. Bring on the dislikes people! And stay safe.

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ntonicToday  09:52 am JST

His salary is about average for a salary man. I wonder if he got that 30% reduction at age 60.

Thats only his base salary , before all the various "allowances " that triple J-politicians income.

agreed, don’t forget the brown envelopes and gifts too.

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Once bitten twice shy.

If his bark is worse than his bite then how about a doggycoin or atleast one of those gold foil chocolate medallions to cheer him up

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@Gin. I asked a politician buddy of mine and his wife, and he said that salary is what it is and no perks aloud according to law. Even the PM makes didldly squat. American politicians are not high salary either, but many come from rich families as they do in Japan too, because regular people not rich must hold jobs to survive, but politicians have freedom to be free of the 9-5!

@Mountain: perhaps virus x is recovering from a flew like illness. He seems very smart or she seems very smart . I like the comments and informative.

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So now he’s found a new way to stay “relevant in the news?”

Enough of this dude already.

Now that he had his little taste of 15 minutes of fame, he has to keep it going every few weeks with something new.

First it was the medal, then it was the replacement, now getting covid from biting his secretary.

What will it be the next time?

He’s gonna reveal that he enjoys working at home as opposed to going to the office and start promoting that to the plebeians?

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He clearly has no discretion for things he sticks in his mouth. It was only a matter of time.

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He had received his second shot of the coronavirus vaccine in early July.

Just another line-jumper. On par for the elite here.

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Not very surprising, is it?

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dear friends dont ever bite olympic medals ***irony off

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People used to bite gold coins all the time, what am I missing here?

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The new trend in political circles has been the "Sympathy bump". Whenever a politician gets caught doing something embarrassing, they all of sudden get diagnosed with COVID to get out of the spotlight and let the heat die down. It has been very popular with the GOP in the US in the last 5 months.

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His party logo should be "bitten gold medal with lost teeth". Anyways good luck for the recovery.

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The 72-year-old mayor has not developed any symptoms and is resting at home, with his official duties delegated to other officials. He had received his second shot of the coronavirus vaccine in early July.

I'm also bummed he got it despite being vaccinated. At least he has no symptoms, though.

He also doesn't seem like someone that would follow COVID protocols, what with him biting other people's things.

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has not developed any symptoms and is resting at home

If he has no symptoms (he is also probably vaccinated I presume) then there is no point to say he is resting at home. He is resting from what? Just stop to always dramatize things when they don't need to be. He is at home because he is forced to stay there for isolation, not because for the sake of just resting.

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This story is a poster child for how Covid reporting has been so off the mark and how much of the "information" we have been forced to accept is questionable

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His salary is about average for a salary man. I wonder if he got that 30% reduction at age 60.

Thats only his base salary , before all the various "allowances " that triple J-politicians income.

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Kawamura, who had apologized for the medal-biting incident that went viral on social media, took the polymerase chain reaction test after his secretary was found to have been infected with the virus on Sunday, 

Did he bite into his secretary too?

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The news story is not well-organized and more misleading. There is no direct link between the controversial medal biting and his infection. It's rather worthy noting that he got infected despite his full vaccination. His lax mask use has already come under criticism.

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Olympic medals spread Covid too? Even if the biter is vaccinated?

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Damn. Another person who's been vaccinated twice catching the disease. That's what bums me out the most.

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His salary is about average for a salary man. I wonder if he got that 30% reduction at age 60.

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Considering his irresponsible behavior when biting the medal, he was very prone to acquiring the virus by doing nonsense..

Hopefully he recovers soon..

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so he got a cold, and this is news worthy?

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LOL at the Bashing.

The facts are he is done a great job for Nagoya. I wish him well.

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He's just a simple idiot, but still, wishing him good recovery. CoVID takes time for the symthoms to appear, so he's not yet over it. As his age, it is quite dangerous.

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Sounds like a real party animal, someone who takes everything in life he can get, especially outside of working hours. Is the (or one of the) secretaries coincidentally female or likes the same places to visit in the evening, let’s say anything still longer open after having eaten dinner at a restaurant until 8p.m.? lol

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Leave him alone boo hoo? I think not. He's a public figure paid by taxes and his reckless actions, not only the biting incident, are probably the cause of his infection. The man is a moron, and unfortunately as we've seen from this pandemic, a few thoughtless and selfish individuals can impact the lives of many around them.

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One for the Darwin awards.

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The press are really hitting a person when he is down huh. Leave the poor man alone.

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Leave him alone, he's a family man, and his bark is much worse than his bite.

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the government will start a facility designed for patients with severe symptoms on Sept 16, earlier than its initial schedule in October.

Shouldn't this have been created in July, or August.... or even September 2020

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after his secretary was found to have been infected with the virus

Probably he was not infected by his secretary, probably he was infected by the medal.

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The spread in Osaka does seem to be really getting worse this week.

Even yesterday had several situations happening near me.

Colleagues and family arent working, but isolating instead. Several schools in this local city have already shut since a week ago.

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