Industry minister to visit Australia next week for Quad energy meeting


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He better hurry, Kishida threats to Russia will see our gas and oil cut off very soon resulting in 10% of Japanese businesses going bankrupt, repeating blackouts, and people freezing death in this winter.

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Japan imports about 5% of its petroleum from Russia and 9% of natural gas from Russia.

If those resources were to stop there would not be people freezing to death in winter or 10% of business going bankrupt. Other sources that already provide most of Japans imports would fill the small gap.


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10% of gas will severely impact Japanese economy. Research how Japan entered WW2. We have high cost of living and Kishida is giving $120,000,000,000 to some corrupt country in Eastern Europe. We are in for a rough ride. Getting resources like coal from Aussie may be a good idea, but with the price of oil predicted to reach $400+, transportation will make this really expensive.

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With restarting or Japans nuclear reactors and an ability to gain extra supplies from other suppliers, albeit in small quantities, Japan will cover the heating needs of its people and most businesses as well. Japan has options.

The entire world is facing inflation, not just Japan.

Kishida is giving $120,000,000,000 to some corrupt country in Eastern Europe.

He is aiding a people under invasion by Russia, which is more corrupt than Ukraine.

Why would you have a problem with that? Why should the citizens of a nation be sacrificed to a more corrupt nation because their leaders may not have been the least corrupt nation in the world?


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The eventual cost of the Fukushima reactors will be more than $120,000,000,000.

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