Japan moves toward better relations with Myanmar


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So maybe Japan can help Myanmar open up and become the next Thailand??

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There is already a fair amount of trade with myanmar and I am hoping it increases, also hope the country becomes better politically and social standards raise so the people can have a better life.

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So Japan was supposedly against the Junta's thugs doing what they did in 2003, and against the election last year, but they've lifted restrictions after meeting with the president elected in said election, and wants to 'improve relations' with a nation still ruled by the Junta? Just because Gemba met with Suu Kyi doesn't mean any restrictions lifted would improve the nation for the people instead of just the military government (under a leader elected in a farce).

As to the 'long history' with Myanmar, a lot of that is tainted by Japan's militaristic past. Money pretties it up a little in the present, but doesn't make the facts disappear.

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Myanmar is China's route of access to the Indian ocean, and it has lots of natural resources. Bringing Myanmar somehow into the West's (US and Japan's) orbit, rather than China's, is the strategic objective. Myanmar is in the fortunate position of juggling between both China and the US.

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I have been looking for a movie of "Harp of Burma". Is there anyone who can tell me how to find this great movie? I sure would like to order one from here in US. Anyway, I am glad to hear that Japan and Burna (Myanmar) are working together for the future. I sure would like to visit Burma ( Myanmar) and Vietnam soon. .

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Are they happy too early with a woman who knows nothing known as 'politics'?

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