Lawmaker's disaster helmet drill sparks Twitter debate


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Japanese politicians are extremely incompetent, so I highly doubt they were making light of a life-and-death matter.

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Putting on those ugly helmets would make me smile and even laugh. It doesn't mean they're making light of safety for the population.

They're real job is to make the safety warnings/alerts more effective and clearer.

On another note, news reporters wearing helmets while reporting on a storm or after one, while there's no real danger, always has me laughing especially when senior citizens and school kids are walking to school in the background without one on and staring at the newscaster.

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In all seriousness though, the helmet in question does not have a clear orientation which one is the front or the back. It looks like a Chinese food takeout box. As appealing as folding helmets are, they'd be better off with more conventional helmets

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This is a really stupid thing to get mad about, who wouldn't smile in that situation?

The helmets are ridiculous really, what kind of disaster is going to affect the Diet building which would be at all mitigated by having these old guys take the time to remove, assemble, and wear these helmets instead of, you know, evacuating the building right away?

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Watch and try not to laugh!

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