Japan, N Korea agree to continue dialogue


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“The atmosphere of the meeting was not acerbic. It was direct, serious and very rich in substance. We discussed a wide range of subjects in depth,” Sugiyama said.

is Japan offering "miyage" to NK (?)

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I have been in Japan for 29 years and for 29 years it has been the same old story. The pain and anguish that the parents and families of the abductees are going through is unimaginable. One has to wonder if the Japanese or US government would still be involved with meaningless and never ending talks with one “Japanese negotiator” after another if even one of the abductees were family of an elite politician or of royalty. It is a sad situation and extremely frustrating watching the same rhetoric year after year.

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The man S. Sugiyama is named as 'Japanese negotiator' (?), but took a glance at the vague description of the past contact -- almost took it wine tasting contest ! " rich on substance'" ? Too subtle ! If the meeting was direct then report straight away without wasting time & expenses..the mindset of Noda cabinet is clear, no one to talk to ( even India & Russia have cancelled respective meeting scheduled earlier...Chins & Korea ? Let's observe how skillful the PM in setting up sideline meetings in the gents room or corridor etc.. And soon as the Asean meeting will probably be his last chance as PM to mend the delicate situation triggered by his cabinet's messy tactics !

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