Japan, N Korea aim for higher-level talks soon

By Kelly Olsen

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How high level can these talks be considering the diplomats are being shuttled around in an aging Buick minivan.

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For humanitarian reasons. North Korea should grant the request of the Japanese gov't. Likewise, the Japanese gov't should grant the request IF the North Korean side's demanded that Japan should pinpoint all the buried grounds for all those Korean civilian victims who was brutally being murders, rapes and those who died from human experimentation of Japan chemical and biological WMD before and during ww2.

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latienda, there is no living Japanese person who knows about those graves. The war has been over for 67 years. The grave sites are not located within Japan. What you forget is there were NO Korean people during the war as they were considered Imperial subjects. The killed innocent Chinese and Japanese men, women and children. They killed American POWs but please check your victimization at the door. The Imperial government was rude to all of the people within it.

This is a chance for Japan and North Korea to make a fresh start. The past should not destroy the future.

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Should concentrate, Chinese and Russians.

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