Japan, N Korea could resume abduction talks this month


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The Kim family regime is shrewd, resilient, and cruel. It knows that Abe Shinzo is playing a weak hand because ultimately the Americans will not let Japan give much to the North unless there is also progress on denuclearization. In the mean time the abducted victims' family groups continue to apply the pressure on Abe to get news that, quite frankly, will be bad. Having produced Megumi's daughter, the North is not going to make Megumi appear alive all of a sudden.

I do not blame Abe for trying. I do blame him for fostering expectations that cannot be met. Most of all though, we must condemn the Kim family regime for its cruelty and viciousness.

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When North Korea agreed last year in May to reopen an investigation into the abductees Japan responded by easing some sanctions

As families of the victims pointed out at that time, this has really proved to be a bad move on the part of Abe's government. They gave a reward without getting anything substantial in return from North Korea. From his usual tough talk, it's kind of difficult to realize how naive Abe could be.

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