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Japan, N Korea move to restart formal talks


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Perhaps a result of Abe acting like a responsible leader by reconfirming the wartime apology and remorse. Let's hope he is a man of his word.

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I don't agree with our Prime Minister decission to open up to North Korea. They have not apologised for the abduction of Japanese citizens nor have relinquished to their nuclear weapons. Besides, it's a communist regime which tortures its own people and makes or should make us all remember the atrocities of the communist Red Army.

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When can people learn to forgive and forget?I guess it will never happen in world politics....

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What's the point of resuming talks with N.Korea? North Korea dies whatever it wants to and when they want something, they just start acting dangerous and crazy to get other countries to give them stuff. I say, completely cut then off. No talks, no money, no food. A complete embargo. If they act up, move in an aircraft carrier or two. Let it be known that if they start a war, Pyongyang will be turned into a parking lot. No if ands or buts. China won't back them again in a war.

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It's a trick to isolate US with this "opening". You must consider that there is a "timing" with Ukraine crisis. Russia is weakening US prestige, China is learning by Moscow like manage similar crisis and North Korea use families to divide allies ( S.Korea and Japan ) and mock US with hostages and nuclear weapons. Obama is our mr Chamberlain.

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BBQDemon, I agree totally. The Norh doesn't change, they try to divide, bully or get desperate. They will lie, cheat, steal & deny. Then they'll create an excuse to abrogate the agreement when they've got what they want or can't get what they thought.

They think Japan is cheap and will cave in exchange for information on the abductees. They think Japan will throw the US & the South under the bus. Let's hope they are mistaken.

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Where are the documented proof that Japanese abductees to North Korea are still alive? That's right, nowhere. Isn't Japan a big proponents of proofs based on documents?

What is Japan going to talk about with North Korea? The US should pull out of Japan and let China have Japan. What Japan is doing is undermining the US-S.Korea-Japan alliance against N.Korea and China. But here is Japan, breaking that three country stance, by cooperating with the enemy. It's time for the US to slap down Japan and pull out.

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It seems Japan is ready for when N and S Korea will be unified. If had been a single country for centuries. Recently, both countries have been talking Well, people of both countries use the same language. Same culture.

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