Japan, N Korea to hold new talks on abductions on July 1


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The meeting will be held nearly a month after Tokyo announced it would ease sanctions

where? ofcourse back to Beijing (!)

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Good for them.

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increase the peace!

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I'm not convinced that these talks are a good idea. I'm also a bit curious about how they affect Abe's broader political strategy.

Don't these talks with NK undermine Abe's rationale for revising Art. 9? I thought the idea was that North Korea was an out of control nuclear state run by a madman that we might have to pre-emptively strike someday. But if we can sit down with them to reasonably negotiate about the abductees, doesn't that undermine Abe's whole narative on NK?

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@M3 Well, with a belligerent Beijing and an uncooperative Seoul, increasingly but slowly Japanese are moving towards a more active role for Japan's defence apparatus. Whether that entails constitutional change is however a different issue, and honestly the odds for Abe are abysmal.

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You mean North Korea will be holding "EXTORTION TALKS" Japan send wheat, but get the wrong ashes in return!

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North koreans understand the strenght, not peace words.

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